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General Assembly Resolution 1721 B (XVI): Reports

Document Symbol: A/AC.105/INF.418
Notifying State/Organization: Saudi Arabia
Main Title: Information Furnished in Conformity with General Assembly Resolution 1721 B (XVI) by States Launching Objects into Orbit or Beyond
Sub Title: Note verbale dated 28 January 2009 from the Permanent Mission of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations (Vienna) addressed to the Secretary-General
Remarks: Registration information for SaudiSAT 1A (international designator 2000-057A), SaudiSAT 1B (international designator 2000-057E), SaudiSAT 1C (international designator 2002-058C), SaudiSAT 2 (international designator 2004-025F), SaudiCOMSAT 1 (international designator 2004-025D), SaudiCOMSAT 2 (international designator 2004-025E), SaudiCOMSAT 3 (international designator 2007-012J), SaudiCOMSAT 4 (international designator 2007-012L),SaudiCOMSAT 5 (international designator 2007-012H), SaudiCOMSAT 6 (international designator 2007-012E), SaudiCOMSAT 7 (international designator 2007-012C), & SaudiSAT 3 (international designator 2007-012B).
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