United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs

Accomplishment of the United Nations Programme on Space Applications

The accomplishments of the Programme are reported in the activities reports of the Programme and the annual reports of the United Nations Expert on Space Applications. Some of the major accomplishments since the establishment of the Programme in 1971 are:

  • Establishment of regional Centres for Space Science and Technology Education (Affiliated to the United Nations): India (operational since April 1996); Morocco, Nigeria (inaugurated in 1998); Mexico and Brazil (in implementation phase); Jordan (being developed)
  • Facilitator role in the establishment and operation of telescope facilities in Colombia, Egypt, Honduras, Jordan, Paraguay, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Uruguay (follow-up to the series of UN/ESA Workshops on Basic Space Science)
  • Organization of seminars on advanced space applications and new system developments for managers and leaders of space applications and technology development activities as well as seminars for users in specific applications;
  • Stimulation of the growth of indigenous nuclei and an autonomous technological base, to the extent possible, in space technology in developing countries with the cooperation of other United Nations agencies and/or Member States or members of the specialized agencies;
  • Dissemination of information on new and advanced technologies and applications, with emphasis on their relevance and implications for developing countries; and
  • Provision of technical advisory services on space applications projects, upon request by Member States or any of the specialized agencies.
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