United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs

United Nations/South Africa/European Space Agency Workshop 

UN/South Africa/ESA Workshop on
"Space Technology Provides Solutions for Sustainable Development"

Stellenbosch, South Africa, 21-23 August 2002

organised in support of the

"World Summit on Sustainable Development"

Online Presentations

Wednesday, 21 August 2002
Session I: Small Satellite Projects: Now and Future
Chairperson: S. Mostert, South Africa
  Low Cost Small Satellites with Coordinated Constellations for Disaster Management
Wei Sun (United Kingdom)
Powerpoint Presentation
Disaster Monitoring Constellation - ALSAT-I
Powerpoint Presentation
Disaster Monitoring Constellation - NigeriaSat-1
H. Ibrahim (Nigeria)
Powerpoint Presentation
A Next Generation EO Microsatellite to Support Sustainable Development in Southern Africa
A. Schoonwinkel (S. Africa)
Powerpoint Presentation
Session II:  Space Institution Building in Africa
Chairperson: F. Jaskolla (Germany)
  Remote Sensing Approach for Sustainable Natural Resource Management in ISRDS Development Nodes
B. M. Petja (S. Africa)
Powerpoint Presentation
Towards an African Institute of Space Science
P. Martinez (S. Africa)
Powerpoint Presentation
African Space Programme - Making Space for Africa l´┐ŻAfrique du Nord
R. Abidi (CRTEAN)
Powerpoint Presentation
Building Capacity to Use Space Technology for Development
D. Williams (EUMETSAT)
Powerpoint Presentation
Session III:  Monitoring the Earth
Chairperson: R. Abidi (CRTEAN)
  Spot and Meteosat Images for Environmental Monitoring in Africa
Th. Elsner (Germany)
Powerpoint Presentation
Wide Area Monitoring Information System
D. Sakulski/R. Weinman (S. Africa)
Powerpoint Presentation
Global Disaster Information Network
L. Roeder (United States)
Powerpoint Presentation
Integrating Space and Ground Observations - the Integrated Global Observation Strategy of IGOS-P
Powerpoint Presentation
African Space Programme - Making Space for Africa
S. Mostert (S. Africa)
Powerpoint Presentation
Thursday, 22 August 2002
Session IV:  Health and Education for Rural Areas
Chairperson: A. Schoonwinkel (South Africa)
S. Callari (France)
Powerpoint Presentation
Role of Earth Observation Satellites in Sustainable Development
A. Fortescue (S. Africa)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space and Distance Learning - CNES Experience
H. Diez (France)
Powerpoint Presentation
Sustainable Pricing of Earth Observation Datasets: A Reachable Goal
R. Balt (S. Africa)
Powerpoint Presentation
Session V:  Information for Decision-Making
Chairperson: Ch. Gologo (Nigeria)
9:00 - 9:30 The Need for Timely and Accurate Information to Support Sustainable Development
E. Mukolwe (WMO)
Powerpoint Presentation
ENVISAT - a Tool to Gather Information for Decision-making
G. Duchossois (ESA)
Powerpoint Presentation
CEOS Involvement in the WSSD Process
G. Duchossois (ESA)
Powerpoint Presentation
Geographic Information for Sustainable Development (GISD)
R. Ford (United States)
Powerpoint Presentation
Information for Decision-Making: An EIS-AFRICA Perspective
E. Gavin (S. Africa)
Powerpoint Presentation
Using Remote Sensing Satellites for Sustainable Development of Natural Resources
Th. Piekutowski (Canada)
Powerpoint Presentation
Remote Sensing - a Powerful Tool Against Water Depletion in a Semiarid Continent
W. Lueck (S. Africa)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Applications Transfer from Developed to Developing Countries
M.-I. Piso (Romania)
Powerpoint Presentation
Session VI:  New Initiatives
Chairperson: S. Callari (France)
14:00-14:30 The Suitability of InfoTerra/TerraSAR Products for Sustainable Development
F. Jaskolla (Germany)
Powerpoint Presentation
14:30-15:00 Management and Prevention of Natural Disasters: Earth Observation Experience during Mozambique Case
P. Zeil (Austria)
Powerpoint Presentation
15:00-15:30 Global Ocean Observing Systems: Data for Sustainable Development at the Coastal and Marine Environment in Africa
Powerpoint Presentation
16:00-16:30 Application of Remote Sensing for Integrated Management of Ecosystems and Water Resources in Africa
Powerpoint Presentation
16:30-17:00 Discussion Session
The Charter: An Example of International Cooperation on Space for Disaster Management
G. Duchossois (ESA)
Powerpoint Presentation
Friday, 23 August 2002
Session VII:  7. High Level Segment of Symposium
Chairperson: Hon. Dr. M.G. Buthelezi (S. Africa)
09:00-09:30 Special Session on the Applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems to Development
Statement by Hon. Dr. M. G. Buthelezi, Minister of Home Affairs
Statement by Hon. Mr. B. S. Ngubane, Minister of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology
Presentation not available
09:30-10:00 Examples of Use of Space Communications in Sustainable Development
S. Callari (France)
Powerpoint Presentation
10:00-10:30 Examples of: Use of Earth Observation Satellite Images in Sustainable Development
A. Fortecsue (S. Africa)
Powerpoint Presentation
11:00-11:30 Overview of the Symposium
R. Gibson (EUMETSAT)
Powerpoint Presentation
11:30-12:00 Space Technology Provides Solutions for Sustainable Development: Deriving Beneficial Outcomes from GNSS Technology - A Reality in Africa
R M. Moyo (Zambia)
Powerpoint Presentation
12:00-12:30 Use of GNSS for Monitoring Parks and Animal Tracking
C. Beech (S. Africa)
Powerpoint Presentation
11:30-12:00 Galileo - European Contributions to GNSS Programme
J. Gallimore (Astrium)
Powerpoint Presentation
14:30-15:30 Observations and recommendations of the Symposium
Co-Chairpersons: D. Williams, R. Gibson
Powerpoint Presentation








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