United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs

United Nations International Meeting for the Establishment of the International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (ICG)
Vienna, Austria
1- 2 December 2005


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US International Efforts to Promote Compatibility and Interoperability with the Global Positioning System
Ken Hodgkins,
Deputy Director, Office of Space and Advanced Technology, United States Department of State, United States, and co-chair of the Action Team on GNSS
Powerpoint Presentation
Global Positioning System: A Policy and Modernization Review
Michael Shaw,
Director, National Space-Based PNT Coordinator Office, United States
Powerpoint Presentation
GNSS for Aviation
Ken Alexander,
Aerospace Engineer, Federal Aviation Administration, United States
Powerpoint Presentation
Nationwide Differential Global Positioning System
Len Allen,
Program Manager, Federal Aviation Administration, United States
Powerpoint Presentation
NASA GPS Application for Scientific Investigation
Ruth Neilan,
JPL/NASA, United States
Powerpoint Presentation
New GNSS developments and their impact on Surveyors
Matt Higgins,
International Federation of Surveyor
Powerpoint Presentation
GLONASS: Policy, Status and Modernization Plan
Sergey Revnivykh,
Central Research Institute of the Federal Space Agency
Powerpoint Presentation
Galileo Update
Eero Ailio,
Directorate E - Inland Transport, Directorate-General, Energy and Transport, European Commission (EC)
Powerpoint Presentation
GAGAN - Indian SBAS status
Suresh Kibe,
Programme Director, SATNAV, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
Powerpoint Presentation
GPS Info Services Modernization
Hank Skalski,
Civil GPS Liaison, Air Force Space Command, Office of the Secretary, United States Department of Transportation
Powerpoint Presentation
International GNSS Service: its contribution to the ICG
John Dow,
Chair, IGS Governing Board International GPS Service
Powerpoint Presentation
IAG and the Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS)
Ruth Neilan,
IAG Representative
Powerpoint Presentation
Competitors and Partners
Mike Swiek,
Executive Director, US GPS Industry Council
Powerpoint Presentation
Brief Progress Report on AFREF
Ruth Neilan,
on behalf of the AFREF Steering Committee
Powerpoint Presentation
Establishing Working Relations with ICA/SDI Organizations
Milan Konecny,
President, International Cartographic Association (ICA)
Powerpoint Presentation
ITU-Bureau of Radiocommunication (BR), Radio Navigation Satellite Service (RNSS) progress report
Attila Matas,
Space Services Department, Radiocommunication Bureau, International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
Powerpoint Presentation
Brief Statement, EUPOS
Gerd Rosenthal,
Head, Office of the International EUPOS Steering Committe
Powerpoint Presentation
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