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United Nations/Moldova/United States of America Workshop on the Applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems
Chisinau, Moldova, 17-21 May 2010

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Note: The views expressed in the presentations and papers below are those of the authors and do not reflect the policies or views of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. The presentations and papers are provided solely for informational purposes.

Session 1: Global Navigation Satellite Systems
Chairperson: Mr. Alexandru BADEA, Romania
Rapporteur: Ms. Saida SALAHOVA, Azerbaijan
GPS and Worldwide Global Navigation Satellite Systems Interoperability
Mr. Jeffrey AUERBACH, United States of America
Ms. Ekaterina OLEYNIK, Russian Federation
ICG Development and its Activities
Ms. Sharafat GADIMOVA, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs
Session 2: GNSS Reference Station Systems and Services
Chairperson: Mr. Yuri FEDULOV, Belarus
Rapporteur: Ms. Gohar GEVORGYAN, Armenia
European Position Determination System (EUPOS): status and current issues
Mr. Gerd ROSENTHAL, Germany
EUPOS - a cooperation of the 17 European Countries for Union use of spatial data
Mr. Ivo MILEV, Germany
EUPOS working group SQII mission and benefits: GNSS reference station service, international interoperability and quality
Mr. Janis ZVIRGZDS, Latvia
Session 2: GNSS Reference Station Systems and Services (continues)
Chairperson: Mr. Tiberiu RUS, Romania
Rapporteur: Mr. Sergey RESHETNIK and Mr. Yuri FEDULOV, Belarus
Development of the EUREF GNSS services and reference networks
Mr. Heinz HABRICH, Germany
The new RTCM 3.1 transformation messages - declaration, generation from reference transformations and implementation as a service-client-concept for GNSS services
Mr. Reiner JAGER, Germany
EUPOS for national and international research
Mr. Jani BALODIS, Latvia
Session 3: GNSS Reference Station Systems and Services: National Projects
Chairperson: Ms. Elena BUSCH, Norway
Rapporteur: Mr. Janis BALODIS, Latvia
Establishment of MoldPOS
Ms. Maria OVDII and Mr. Alexandr CEBANU, Moldova
Development of geodetic data bases for real time MoldPOS service
Mr. Vasile CHIRAC, Moldova
Romanian Position Determination System - ROMPOS
Mr. Tiberiu RUS, Romania
Development of the Ukrainian GNSS-based position-timing-navigation system (UAPOS)
Mr. Kostiantyn VOLOKH, Ukraine
Realizing SC42 with WGS84,
Mr. Erkin MIRMAKHMUDOV, Uzbekistan
Global Navigation Satellite Systems: Armenian Experience
Mr. Vardges HAMBARDZUMYAN, Armenia
Session 4: GNSS Applications
Chairperson: Mr. Renato FILJAR, Croatia
Rapporteur: Ms. Tarana ATAKISHIYEVA, Azerbaijan
Aviation benefits of GNSS augmentation
Mr. Jeffrey AUERBACH, United States of America
Progress of positional accuracy of orthophoto maps based on GPS/INS systems
Mr. Mircea JUC, Romania
State of the art in mobile terrestrial laser scanning systems in Romania and at international level
Mr. Vlad - Gabriel OLTEANU, Romania
Approaches to GNSS applications in Belarus' large-scale farm production
Mr. Yuri FEDULOV and Mr. Sergey RESHETNIK, Belarus
Session 5: Initiatives/Experiences of the Use and Implementation of GNSS Technology
Chairperson: Mr. Janis ZVIRGZDS, Latvia
Rapporteur: Ms. Nestan BEJANISHVILI, Georgia
GNSS as a component of national infrastructure
Ms. Renato FILJAR, Croatia
Integrated geodetic infrastructure as a support to national and international GNSS projects: case study of the Geodetic Observatory Pecný
Mr. Pavl NOVÁK, Czech Republic
Present situation of precise real-time GNSS positioning market in Moldova
Mr. Andrei IACOVLEV, Moldova
Session 6: Education and Training in the Use and Applications of GNSS Technologies
Chairperson: Mr. Erkin MIRMAKHMUDOV, Uzbekistan
Rapporteur: Mr. Nazli CAN, Turkey
Development of a complete graduation training centre for geomatics and GNSS
Mr. Alexandru BADEA, Romania
Distant Learning of satellite navigation specialists in the Russian Education Centre
Mr. Pavel KAZAKOV, Russian Federation
The Moscow State University of geodesy and cartography education system and the global navigation satellite systems applications
Mr. KUPRIYANOV, Russian Federation
Fundamentals of satellite navigation distance learning course
Mr. V.V. MALYSHEV, Mr. A.V. STARKOV, Mr. V.V. PANARIN, Russian Federation
Regional Centres for Space Science and Technology Education affiliated to the United Nations
Mr. Levent CANTURK, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs
Session 7: International Space Weather Initiative
Chairperson: Mr. Talal DARWICH, Lebanon
Rapporteur: Mr. Vardges HAMBARDZUMYAN, Armenia
Research on space weather effects on GNSS performance in Croatia
Mr. Renato FILJAR, Croatia
Ionospheric total electron content variations observed during Tashkent earthquakes and solar eclipses
Mr. Bobomurat AHMEDOV, Uzbekistan
International Space Weather Initiative
Ms. Sharafat GADIMOVA, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs
Session 8: Remote sensing with GNSS and Case Studies
Chairperson: Mr. Kostiatyn VOLOKH, Ukraine
Rapporteur: Mr. Bobomurat AHMEDOV, Uzbekistan
Remote sensing in the development of the navigation satellite systems in Azerbaijan
Ms. Tarana ATAKISHIYEVA, Azerbaijan
Remote sensing for vulnerability assessment and hazard mapping in Lebanon
Mr. Talal DARWICH, Lebanon
Application of Global Positioning System in Natural Disaster Studies
Ms. Saida SALAHOVA, Azerbaijan
The legal aspects of the GNSS and the METIS project
Ms. Nazli CAN, Turkey
Satellite information in economy management
Ms. Gohar GEVORGYAN, Armenia
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