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United Nations Programme on Space Applications Activities Schedule: 2009

Activity Title Date and place Objective


United Nations/United States of America Training Course on Satellite-Aided Search and Rescue 19-23 January 2009

Miami, Florida, USA
The primary objectives of this Training Course are: to promote awareness of new developments in the International Cospas-Sarsat Satellite-Aided Search and Rescue system, to improve interface protocol among the user countries for better understanding and coordination of the system's activities and operations. This training course is organized to benefit Latin America and the Caribbean Region.


United Nations/Azerbaijan/USA/ESA Workshop on Integrated Applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems 11-15 May 2009

Baku, Azerbaijan
The objectives are: to introduce GNSS technology and its applications to transport and communications, aviation, surveying, mapping and Earth science, management of natural resources, precision agriculture, the environment and disasters; to strengthen regional information and data exchange networks on the use of GNSS technology; to initiate pilot projects at the regional level.


United Nations/Turkey/ESA Workshop on Integrated Space Technology Applications for Socioeconomic Benefits Postponed to 2010

The objectives are: to identify ways of facilitating industrial participation in accordance with domestic law and foreign policy; to analyse models of national infrastructure that supports space applications and related industry; to address principles for national, regional, and international cooperation in space technology development and its applications; to explore socio-economic benefits of using integrated space technologies; to strengthen regional information and data exchange networks; and to initiate pilot projects.


Workshop on Applications of Tele-health to Service Delivery in Public Health and Environment 27-30 July 2009



UN/OOSA Symposium on Space Technology Contribution to Infection Surveillance and to the Health-related MDG Goals 6-10 September 2009



United Nations/Austria/ESA Symposium on Integrated Space Technologies Applications - to Support the Plan of Implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development 8-11 September 2009

This symposium is the 7th in a series of consecutive Symposia held since 2003 aiming at promoting the use of integrated space technologies and their applications to support actions called for in the Plan of Implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD). Topics will focus on the issues under consideration in the thematic cluster of the Commission on Sustainable Development. Details will be provided later.


United Nations/Peru/ESA/UNEP/UNESCO Workshop on Integrated Space Technologies Applications for Sustainable Development in the Mountain Regions of Andean Countries 14-19 September 2009

This workshop is the forth of the series on using integrated space technologies that include remote sensing, satellite navigation, and satellite communications for sustainable development in the mountain regions, following the workshops/expert meetings held in Nepal (2004, 2006) and Argentina (2007). The objectives are: to introduce the concept of space applications to mountain area, to discuss ways and means of carrying out the pilot project initiated from the 2007 Argentina workshop. This workshop will be held in conjunction with a ESA and Spot Image cosponsored training course on remote sensing software, within the framework of the Planet Action initiative.


UN/ESA/NASA/JAXA Workshop on Basic Space Science and the International Heliophysical Year 2007 22-25 September 2009

Republic of Korea
This is the 5th IHY series following the workshops hosted by UAE (2005), India (2006), Japan (2007), and Bulgaria (2008). The objectives are: to implement the low-cost, ground-based, world-wide IHY instrument arrays donated by NASA, ESA and JAXA; to address satellite missions that produce data for IHY 2007; to review the implementation of the four-year work plan of the UN Scientific and Technical Subcommittee (2006-2009) on IHY and IYA (International Year of Astronomy 2009).


19th United Nations/International Astronautical Federation Workshop on Integrated Space Technologies and Space-based information for Analysis and Prediction of Climate Change 9 - 11 October 2009

Republic of Korea
This is the 19th of the series jointly organized by UN-OOSA and IAF on the use of space technologies for benefits of developing countries. This workshop will focus on the use of space-related technologies and information for climate change monitoring and prediction, with ultimate goal of exploring ways to solve social and economical issues caused by the climate change and global warming. The workshop will also discuss opportunities for increasing regional and international cooperation among developing countries, and between developing and industrialized countries.


United Nations/Islamic Republic of Iran Workshop on Space Law November 2009

Iran (Islamic Republic of)
The main objective of the workshop will be to build capacity in space law and regulatory frameworks governing space activities, in particular for countries in Western Asia.


United Nations/Syria Regional Workshop on Integrated Space Technology Applications for Monitoring Climatic Change and its Impacts on Natural Resources Postponed to 2010

Syrian Arab Republic
The primary objective is to promote the use of integrated space technologies and space-derived information in applications that could contribute to prevention and mitigation of global climate change induced issues, with particular focus on natural resources management and potentially hazardous environmental events or disasters. The workshop will also include: raising awareness on the utilization of integrated space technology applications, exchange experiences, and enhancing regional cooperation.


United Nations/ESA/USA Training Course on Satellite Navigation and Location Based Services at the African Centre for Space Science and Technology - in French language (CRASTE-LF) 29 September - 24 October 2009

The overall objective is to make the participants aware of the potential of satellite navigation technology and its applications with a particular emphasis on location based services.
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