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United Nations Programme on Space Applications Activities Schedule: 2010

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2nd UN/Argentina/Saudi Arabia International Conference on the Use of Space Technology for Water Management Rescheduled to 14-18 March 2011

Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Conference is a follow-up to the conference on the same subject held in 2008 in Saudi Arabia, and it will continue discussions on how space technology can contribute in better management of water resources, including combating desertification, ensuring access to safe drinking water and managing water-related emergencies in developing countries.


UN/Moldova/United States of America/European Space Agency Workshop on the Applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems 17-21 May 2010

Chisinau, Moldova
The objectives of the workshop are: (1) to introduce GNSS technology and its applications to transport and communications, aviation, surveying, mapping and Earth science, management of natural resources, the environment and disasters, precision agriculture; (2) to promote greater exchange of actual experiences with specific applications; (3) to encourage greater cooperation in developing partnerships and GNSS networks, in the framework of the regional reference frames: European Positiion Determination System (EUPOS) and the International Association for Geodesy (IAG) Reference Frame Sub-Commission for Europe (EUREF).


UN/Bolivia/ESA Workshop on Integrated Space Technologies in the Mountain Regions of the Andean Countries 25 - 29 October 2010

Cochabamba, Bolivia
The primary objective of the workshop is to discuss how remote sensing, satellite communications and GNSS can be used in projects in sustainable development in mountainous areas, with the aim of developing priorities for building capacity in remote sensing for the benefit of mountainous regions.


United Nations/Turkey/ESA Workshop on Integrated Space Technology Applications for Socioeconomic Benefits 14-17 September 2010

The objectives of the workshop are: (a) to identify ways and means to create a supportive space environment to facilitate governmental, institutional and industrial participations in the space arena; (b) to address principles for national, regional, and international cooperation in space technology development and its applications; (c) to explore socio-economic benefits of using satellite remote sensing, satellite meteorology, satellite communications, and GNSS; (d) to strenghten regional information and data exchange networks on the use of space science and technology; and (e) to initiate pilot projects for joint work at the regional and international level.


United Nations/Austria/ESA Symposium on Small Satellite Programmes for Sustainable Developmen: Payloads for Small Satellite Programmes 21 - 24 September 2010

This symposium is the second in a series of symposiums to promote the development and use of basic space technology, in particular small satellites, for sustainable socioeconomic development.


20th United Nations/ International Astronautical Federation Workshop on GNSS Applications for Human Benefit and Development 24 - 25 September 2010

Czech Republic
The workshop will discuss GNSS technologies, applications and services that contribute to sustainable economic and social development programmes, primarily in developing countries, with the following objectives: (a) to increase awareness among decision makers and representatives of the research and academic community about ongoing activities and trends in the use of GNSS technologies, applications and services; (b) to examine GNSS technologies, applications and services available for addressing social and economic issues; (c) to strengthen institutional and human capacity in the area of GNSS technologies, applications and services; and (d) to strengthen international and regional cooperation in the subjects.


11th United Nations/International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) Workshop on Small Satellites in the Service of Developing Countries 28 September 2010

Czech Republic
The objectives of the workshop are: to introduce small satellite programmes; to demonstrate the effectiveness and cost-saving of small satellites; and to encourage educational and training activities at universities in developing countries.


UN/ESA/NASA/JAXA Workshop on the International Space Weather Initiative 6 - 10 November 2010

Helwan, Egypt
The workshop builds upon achievements of past workshops on basic space science and the International Heliophysical Year 2007 and will inaugurate the International Space Weather Initiative by utilizing ground-based world-wide IHY/ISWI instrument arrays.


UN/Thailand/ESA Workshop on Space Law "Activities of States in Outer Space in Light of New Developments: Meeting International Responsibilities and Establishing National Legal and Policy Frameworks, " 16-19 November 2010

The main objectives of the workshop are to build capacity in space law, with particular reference to the United Nations treaties and principles related to outer space and to promote exchange of information on national space legislation and policies.


Expert Meeting on the United Nations Human Space Technology Initiative Rescheduled to 2011

Putrajaya, Malaysia
The objectives of the Expert Meeting are: (a) to exchange information about the ISS utilization among the ISS partners and its user communities and (b) to discuss how to facilitate the utilization of the ISS for the world.

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