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United Nations Programme on Space Applications Activities Schedule: 2011

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United Nations/United Arab Emirates Workshop on the Applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems, co-sponsored by United States of America through ICG 16-20 January 2011

Dubai, UAE
The Workshop main objectives are to (a) update on-going activities related to the use of GNSS technology in participating countries; (b) identify the specific needs of individual plans and projects on GNSS, taking into consideration the local institutional settings, including specific training and capacity-building needs; (c) develop a regional plan of action that would contribute to the wider use of GNSS technology and its applications, including the possibility of one or more national or regional pilot projects, or both, in which interested institutions could incorporate the use of GNSS technology.


2nd UN/Argentina International Conference on the Use of Space Technology for Water Management, co-organized by ESA and Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water 14-18 March 2011

Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Conference is a follow-up to the conference on the same subject held in 2008 in Saudi Arabia, and it will continue discussions on how space technology can contribute in better management of water resources, including combating desertification, ensuring access to safe drinking water and managing water-related emergencies in developing countries.


UN/Syria Workshop on Integrated Space Technology Applications: Support to Monitoring Climate Change and Impact on Natural Resources The meeting has been postponed until further notice
Damascus, Syria
The workshop will focus on the use of space-related technologies and information for climate change monitoring, with the ultimate goal of exploring ways to solve social and economical issues caused by climate change and global warming. The workshop will also discuss opportunities for increasing regional and international cooperation among developing countries and between developing and industrialized countries.


United Nations/Canada Workshop on Tele-epidemiology contribution to public health actions in the context of climate change adaptation, co-sponsored by ESA 21-24 June 2011

Tele-epidemiology is a fast developing transdisciplinary area using space-based systems such as Earth observations, Satellite navigation and Satellites communications systems in epidemiological studies and public health surveillance and interventions relating to health events in populations. Application of tele-epidemiology in public health is foreseen as a significant advancement to address the effects of global environmental changes; population growth, travel, migration, land-use changes, and natural disasters. Among these global determinants, climate change is predicted to play a key role in many health conditions of prime significance for public health. The proposed workshop aims to foster cross-disciplinary initiatives in this area and promote functional integration with all entities with a mandate to promote population health around the world.


UN/Viet Nam Workshop on Space Technology Applications for Socio-Economic Benefits, co-organized by European Space Agency (ESA), the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS), and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of USA 10-14 October 2011

Hanoi, Viet Nam
The Workshop is a follow-up to the workshop on the same subject held in 2010 in Turkey, and it will continue discussions on how the use of space technology could benefit various areas, such as aviation, maritime and land transportation, urbanization, mapping and surveying, human health, disaster management, environmental monitoring and natural resources management in order to increase the awareness of socio-economic benefits of space technology applications at national, regional and international levels.


UN/Islamic Republic of Iran Regional Workshop on the Use of Space Technology for Human Health Improvement 23-26 October 2011

Tehran, Iran
The prime objective of the Workshop is to promote awareness of the use of space technology applied to health care and review benefits for such applications as tele-health/tele-medicine, tele-epidemiology, and tele-education in medicine. Applications such as mobile health and biostatistics will also be addressed. Capabilities of satellite-based technology applications have not been fully disseminated to the health investigators and agencies that could be using them. This workshop will contribute to closing this gap.


United Nations/Austria Symposium on Small Satellite Programmes for Sustainable Development, co-sponsored by ESA 13-16 September 2011

This will be the final Symposium in a series of three Symposiums to promote the development and use of basic space technology, organized in the framework of the Basic Space Technology Initiative (BSTI). The Symposium will serve as a departing point for a future series of United Nations regional space technology conferences to be held from 2012 onwards. In addition to the technical aspects of small satellites the Symposium will also consider regulatory and legal issues of small satellite development, such as space debris mitigation measures, and procedures for frequency allocation and satellite registration.


21st United Nations/International Astronautical Federation Workshop on "Space for Human and Environmental Security" 30 September - 2 October 2011

Cape Town, South Africa
The objectives of the workshop are to exchange experiences in space science and technology applications and to discuss opportunities for increasing regional and international cooperation among developing countries and between developed and developing countries.


12th United Nations/International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) Workshop on Small Satellites in the Service of Developing Countries 4 October 2011

Cape Town, South Africa
The objectives of the workshop are: to introduce small satellite programmes; to demonstrate the effectiveness and cost-saving of small satellites; and to encourage educational and training activities at universities in developing countries.


UN/Nigeria Workshop on the International Space Weather Initiative, co-organized by NASA, JAXA, Kyushu University and ICG 17-21 October 2011

Abuja, Nigeria
The workshop will build upon achievements of past workshops on the International Space Weather Initiative and will further the deployment of world wide, ground-based space weather instrument arrays and analysis of data recorded by them.


UN Expert Meeting on Human Space Technology 14-18 November  2011

The Meeting is part of the Human Space Technology Initiative (HSTI). The purpose of the Meeting is to exchange information about the ISS among the ISS partners and potential ISS users outside the ISS partner nations as well as to discuss future activities to promote human space technology and its applications.


UN International Meeting on Global Navigation Satellite Systems, co-organized and co-sponsored by the International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (ICG)
12-16 December 2011

Vienna, Austria
The meeting will build upon achievements of past international meetings and workshops on the applications of GNSS and review the status of the follow-up projects and initiatives and support that could be provided by the ICG

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