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United Nations Programme on Space Applications Activities Schedule: 2012

Title Date and place Objective
UN/Latvia Workshop on the Applications of GNSS 14-18 May 2012

Riga, Latvia
The Workshop's main objectives are to (1) introduce GNSS technology and its applications to transportation and communications, aviation, surveying, mapping and Earth science, management of natural resources, the environment and disasters, and precision agriculture; (2) promote greater exchange of actual experiences with specific applications; (3) encourage greater cooperation in developing partnerships and GNSS networks in the framework of the regional reference frames: EUPOS and EUREF.
UN Expert Meeting on the International Space Station Humanitarian Benefits 11-12 June 2012

Vienna, Austria
The Expert Meeting will further discuss how to facilitate HSTI activities to promote human space technology and its applications to benefit the world, specifically focusing on utilization of human space-based platforms for education, earth observation, and health.
UN/India Training Course on Satellite-Aided Search and Rescue Rescheduled to 2013

Bangalore, India
The Training Course will bring together Satellite Aided Search and Rescue (SASR) managers, rescue coordination centre directors and designated representatives from countries and territories within the footprint of the International Satellite System for Search and Rescue (COSPAS-SARSAT) satellite receiving station in Bangalore to discuss how an understanding of the COSPAS-SARSAT system could improve SASR response in that region. In particular, the aim will be to improve the operational interface among agencies in distress situations.
UN/Austria Symposium on Data Analysis and Image Processing for Space Applications and Sustainable Development: Space Weather 18-21 September 2012

Graz, Austria
The Symposium will bring together hardware and software developers as well as users to review the current technology for data analyses and image processing for space applications and discuss how to improve it and provide participants with hands-on training on the state-of-the-art technology.
22nd UN/IAF Workshop on "Space Technologies Applied to the Needs of Humanity: Experience from Cases in the Mediterranean Areas" 28-30 September 2012

Naples, Italy
The objectives of the Workshop are to exchange experiences in space science and technology applications and to discuss opportunities for increasing regional and international cooperation among developing countries and between developed and developing countries.
UN/Ecuador Workshop on the International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI) 8-12 October 2012

Quito, Ecuador
The Workshop will build upon the achievements of past workshops on the International Space Weather Initiative and will further the deployment of world-wide, ground-based space weather instrument arrays and the analysis of data recorded by them. The report on the implementation of the Abuja resolution will also be provided.
UN/Japan Nano-Satellite Symposium 10-13 October 2012

Nagoya, Japan
The Symposium conducted as part of the Basic Space Technology Initiative, will discuss opportunities, challenges and means for capacity building and international cooperation in space technology development, in particular, those related to small satellite activities, and will build on the work conducted from 2009 to 2011 in the series of three United Nations/European Space Agency/Austria Symposiums on Small Satellite Programmes.
UN/Argentina Workshop on Space Law on "Contribution of Space Law to Economic and Social Development" 5-8 November 2012

Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Workshop forms part of the series of United Nations Space Law Workshops and is planned to focus on capacity-building in space law in the region, legal aspects on space technology development and application, and legal aspects on the use of space-derived geospatial data for sustainable development.
UN/Chile Workshop on Space Technology Applications for Socio-Economic Benefits 12-16 November 2012

Santiago, Chile
The Workshop is a follow-up to the second workshop on the same subject held in 2011 in Vietnam, and it will continue discussions on how the use of space technology could benefit various areas, such as aviation, maritime and land transportation, urbanization, mapping and surveying, human health, disaster management, environmental monitoring and natural resources management in order to increase the awareness of socio-economic benefits of space technology applications at national, regional and international levels.

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