United Nations / Germany High Level Forum: The way forward after UNISPACE+50 and on Space2030

Bonn, Germany 13 - 16 November 2018 

APPLICATIONS DEADLINE 02.09.2019 (Close of business CET for funded applications)

The High-Level Forum 2018 in Bonn, Germany will provide a unique opportunity to inform all stakeholders on the way forward after UNISPACE+50 and on the implementation of the results of the first United Nations global space summit of the 21st century. The Forum will take place from 13 to 16 November 2018.

 The aim of UNISPACE+50 is to promote international cooperation in outer space activities and to address the use of space technologies and applications for everyone, everywhere supporting the global United Nations agendas following the four pillars of:

•    Space economy: to bring space-related economic benefits to the world's population and support the space sector as a major driver for a dynamic economy.

•    Space society: making the best use of space technology, services and applications for improving the quality of life in societies worldwide.

•    Space accessibility: to provide access to space technology, data, information and products and ultimately physical access to space for all countries.

•    None of the above would be possible without mutual respect and equal engagement among nations supported by space diplomacy to address the common challenges of humanity through partnerships.

The cornerstone of the UNISPACE+50 results is to build stronger partnerships and strengthen international cooperation and coordination in the peaceful uses of outer space at all levels in consonance with the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals

To provide a fully-fledged set of benefits of space technologies, space has to be made accessible by fostering synergies and collaboration between actors from all sectors and by facilitating cooperation among states at the international level to address the full scope of challenges in outer space. For effective utilization of space-based data, science, technology and applications, there is a need to strengthen international efforts in these fields. The United Nations, in its capacity as a unique global organization that brings together global stakeholders to confront common challenges, can effectively connect stakeholders to reduce the "space divide", the gap between space-faring states and states with limits to or completely lacking such technologies.

The Office in cooperation with its partners has been actively undertaking activities and initiatives in its daily work to reduce this gap and bring space to everyone, everywhere. Forging new partnerships and building on existing ones with a cross-sectoral and multi-stakeholder approach is crucial in addressing issues that are inherently global and interrelated, with the High-Level Forum providing a proper platform to elaborate these ideas further.

The exchanges during the High-Level Forum 2018 will allow participants from both space and non-space related sectors to debate the best possible use of space technologies, applications and solutions in achieving the main global United Nations frameworks. Reflecting on the outcomes of UNISPACE+50 during the High-Level Forum will also represent a valuable opportunity to share details of the years of dedication of the United Nations to addressing challenges to development by utilizing space as one of the means to support sustainability, security and safety of people living on Earth.

The main goal of the exchange at the High-Level Forum is aiming at presenting the potential new initiatives and exchange on the proposed projects supporting the implementation of the full mandates of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space in its main role to promote and support the peaceful uses of outer space.

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