United Nations / Germany High Level Forum: The way forward after UNISPACE+50 and on Space2030

Bonn, Germany 13 - 16 November 2018



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Please note that the participation is limited and upon the receipt of an official confirmation letter only. You will only receive an official invitation letter upon successful application with further information. Please note the difference that the links will guide you either to the registration page to participants requesting funding or to the registration page if you are joining the event on a self-funded basis.

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Background: UNISPACE+50 and the series of High-level Fora

In June 2018, the international community gathered in Vienna for UNISPACE+50, a special segment of the 61 st session of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS). Fifty years after the first United Nations Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNISPACE) in 1968, and building on UNISPACE II (1982) and UNISPACE III (1999), UNISPACE+50 provided an opportunity for the international community to set the future course of global space cooperation for the benefit of humankind.

The establishment of the series of High-Level Forums demonstrates the intention of the international community to address such challenges together through cooperation and collaboration. The High-Level Forum in Bonn (HLF 2018), to be held on 13 - 16 November 2018, will be the first after UNISPACE+50. HLF 2018 will be the third in a series of High-Level Fora after the 2016 and 2017 High-Level Fora both held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Previous HLFs have provided the international space community with a unique opportunity to discuss such matters in the context of elaborating recommendations and input as part of the preparations for UNISPACE+50. To this end, four pillars space economy, space society, space accessibility and space diplomacy have been devised to provide a framework for these ongoing discussions.

HLF 2018

HLF 2018 will serve as a platform for providing updates and recommendations on the potential of space innovations to address new and emerging sustainable development challenges, building on the outcomes as highlighted in the Dubai Declaration of 2016, recommendations from the High Level Forum in November 2017 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the UNISPACE+50 in June 2018 in Vienna.

As the first HLF after UNISPACE+50, the occasion provides an opportunity to discuss the outcomes on UNISPACE+50. Using the UNISPACE+50 Thematic Priorities and the four pillars as a framework for discussion across two days of sessions on the thematic priorities, followed by two days of high-level panel discussions focusing on the four pillars.

HLF 2018 Objectives and Expected Outcomes

The United Nations General Assembly in its resolution on the International cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space (A/RES/71/90) noted that space science and technology and their applications provide indispensable tools for viable long-term solutions for sustainable development. It can contribute more effectively to efforts to promote the development of all countries and regions of the world and stress in that regard the need to harness the benefits of space technology towards implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

In this context, the objectives of HLF 2018 include presentations and exchanges on the lessons learned and new ideas across the space economy, space society, space accessibility and space diplomacy pillars.

The objectives of the Thematic Priorities sessions, on 13 - 14 November, will address the UNISPACE+50 outcomes and the way ahead across the seven UNISPACE+50 Thematic Priorities (TPs).

The main purpose of the high-level panels, on 15 - 16 November, will be to build on the results of the thematic priorities sessions, with a view to focus the High-Level Forum towards the production of pertinent recommendations about the way ahead for UNISPACE+50.

The expected outcomes of HLF 2018 will be to serve as an important platform for providing updates and recommendations on the potential of space innovations to address new and emerging sustainable development challenges. Building on the outcomes of HLFs 2016 and 2017 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the UNISPACE+50 in June 2018 in Vienna, Austria respectively. Expected outcomes of HLF2018 will be to elaborate on the way ahead after UNISPACE+50 through a number of recommendations to complement and inform, as appropriate, future sessions of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space and its


The presentations made at the HLF Bonn are available here.

Working Language

The working language of HLF 2018 will be English.

Poster exhibit

A HLF 2018 poster exhibit will be organized to allow speakers and participants to present and exchange ideas and initiatives. The posters will be grouped by subject and authors will be invited to accompany their respective posters during specific 'poster sessions' according to the schedule in the programme. Please indicate in your application if your are interested in participating in the poster exhibition.

Technical Tour

A Technical Tour to the "ESA European Astronaut Centre", which is the facility responsible for training astronauts for space missions, is scheduled for Thursday, 15th November 2018, after lunch.

Please contact Ms. Svetlana Saburova at Svetlana.Saburova[@]dlr.de to reserve your place in the Technical Tour. In order to enter the Center a scanned copy of a participant's passport must be submitted together with the information about institute/organization/company. Please note that if you have not provided a scanned copy of your passport to Ms. Svetlana Saburova by 22 October 2018, we will not be able to grant you access to the center.

Sponsorship of the Forum

The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), German Aerospace Center (DLR), the European Space Agency (ESA) are co-sponsors of the High Level Forum. Sponsorship of the Forum is open to other interested entities.

Expected Participants

The High Level Forum is expected to bring together around 120 participants from national, regional, and international public and private organizations and institutions including. The target audience is decision-makers from government agencies (space agencies, ministries, etc.); high-ranking officials from regional and international agencies involved; representatives and experts from the United Nations agencies. Additionally, experts from the space community; entrepreneurial and business academic community and policy makers; experts from international Centres of Excellence; researchers involved in the use of space activities; representatives of the private sector in the space and non-space fields; and civil society leaders are also encouraged to express interest.

Participation requirements

Applicants must have well-established professional working experience in the fields related to the topics of the Forum. Applicants, who can demonstrate that this Forum is central to their professional activities and/or responsibilities, will be selected on a priority basis. Applications from qualified female participants are particularly encouraged.

Designated participants will have the opportunity to prepare a presentation of approximately 10 - 20 minutes on topics relevant to the Forum objectives. Presentations on actual ongoing projects/initiatives to showcase best practices will be of particular interest to participants of the Forum. In addition, they are expected to contribute to reporting activities of the Forum. It is also necessary to submit an abstract of presentation with a maximum of 600 words including the following details: Paper Title, Author (s) Name(s), Affiliation(s), and e-mail address for the presenting author.

Presentations made at the Forum will be published on the website of the Office for Outer Space Affairs ( www.unoosa.org) approximately two weeks after the Forum concluded.

Financial support

Within the limited financial resources available, a number of selected participants will be offered financial support to attend the Forum. This financial support will defray the cost of travel (a round trip airticket - most economic fare - between an airport of international departure in their home country and an airport close to the Forum's venue) and/or the room and board expenses for the duration of the Forum. The co-sponsors of the Forum will jointly select participants on a competitive basis. Successful applicants will be notified within two weeks after the application deadline.

Application Deadlines

For those seeking financial support - the completed application form together with the presentation abstract should be submitted on-line no later than Sunday, 02 September 2018.

For self-funded participants - the completed application form together with the requested information should be submitted on-line no later than Sunday, 28 October 2018.

Life and Health Insurance

Life/major health insurance for each of the selected participants is necessary and is the responsibility of the candidate or his/her institution or Government. The co-sponsors will not assume any responsibility for life and major health insurance, nor for expenses related to medical treatment or accidents.

Contact Information

For information regarding the submission of nominations for attendance and funding as well as the programme and sponsorship of the Forum please contact:

UNOOSA - High Level Forum Organizing Team

E-Mail: unoosa-highlevelforum[@]un.org

Silke Hüttemann (DLR, UN Affairs)

Tel.: +49 228 447-378 Telefax: +49 228 447-731

E-Mail: silke.huettemann[@]dlr.de

Kahila Zandi (DLR, UN Affairs)

Tel.: +49 228-447-205 Telefax: +49 228-447-746

E-Mail: kahila.zandi[@]dlr.de

Petra Naoum (DLR, Event Management Service, VMS))

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Svetlana Saburova (DLR, Event Management Service, VMS))

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