UNISPACE+50 Exhibition

18 - 23 June 2018


To celebrate UNISPACE+50, the 1st United Nations Global Space Summit of the 21st Century, an exhibition will open at the Vienna International Centre (VIC) from 18 to 23 June 2018. The ceremonial event and opening of the UNISPACE+50 exhibition will take place on 20 June 2018. The exhibition is aimed at promoting the exploration and peaceful uses of outer space, the work of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses on Outer Space (COPUOS) and the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and its programmes and activities, and to provide an opportunity for other exhibitors (UN Member States and non-governmental sector alike) to present their efforts in the space domain.

The exhibition will consist of a main exhibition area of 1320m  2 in the Rotunda of the Vienna International Centre, with 43 booths reflecting the achievements and the work of UNOOSA, Member States, partners and donors (NB: one central booth is reserved for UNOOSA).  

Target Audience and Expected Outcome

  • Policy and decision makers
  • Beneficiaries of UNOOSA activities and programmes
  • Participants of the 61  st COPUOS session
  • Participants of the UNISPACE+50 special segment
  • Academics and entrepreneurs
  • General public visiting on 23 June 2018 (9:00 - 13:00)

The exhibition will coincide with the special UNISPACE+50 event as an opportunity for the international community to gather and consider the future course of global space cooperation for the benefit of humankind. The exhibition aims to increase awareness and understanding of the work of the COPUOS, the Office as well as its partners, including Member States, and the private sector. The shared goal for UNISPACE+50 is to build, together with all stakeholders, a comprehensive Space2030 agenda for the contribution of space activities to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.


Process overview

  • The Office for Outer Space Affairs is solely responsible for coordinating exhibition requests and allocation of space. In case you do have any questions, please contact unispaceexhibit[@]un.org .
  • An application for requesting booth allocation has been closed on the 28.02.2018. Please note that only applications including the fully completed application form are considered as official applications. 
  • All exhibition proposals must be approved by UNOOSA prior to their installation. Please provide more information on the content of your booth to UNOOSA through the application form, including possible sketches, photos or similar if available.
  • If selected for a booth spot, the delegation will be requested to make a payment for cost recovery of the additional security costs as well as the costs incurring for the standard set-up of the exhibit to UNOOSA. The exact payment details will be shared after the final selection. The current estimates of the amount of the cost recovery are 600,00 USD per booth (excluding the additional costs for the planned open day on 23.06, for which costs will be communicated after the final estimates). The final costs can only be calculated and shared after the application deadline on 28.02.2018.
  • This payment will be used to cover the specifics as detailed in the process overview as well as the additional security costs for the set-up time and the public open day.
  • UNOOSA has contracted an external company to provide the standard set-up for the exhibit. After the final selection is done the exhibitor will receive an information document incl. contact details to coordinate any additional requests. 

Application Process (CLOSED)

  1. Applications through the application form have been accepted only  until 28.02.2018
  2. Final confirmation of the exhibition space allocation is subject to the decision of UNOOSA and will be communicated as soon as possible (latest by beginning of March 2018) to allow the exhibitor enough preparation time of the exhibit. 

Standard set-up

  • Spots for exhibition booths are available in the Rotunda of Building C of the Vienna International Centre.
  • Each requestor is fully responsible for complying with the pre-determined dimensions of each booth (all 42 booths will be the same size).
    • Size: 2m x 3m
    • Height: Maximum 2.5m
  • Composition of the booth will be as follows:
    • Framing and walls (walls to be used for posters)
    • Printing and erection of signage at top of booth (containing the name of given booth's exhibitor and our event logo)
    • Standard carpet
    • 1 table approx. 1.5m in length (per booth)
    • 2 chairs (per booth)
    • 1 power outlet
    • 1 light
  • For special requests for the set-up of the booths the exhibitor will receive an information document incl. contact details to coordinate any additional requests after the final selection.  Any additional costs must be covered by the exhibitor. 


  • Exhibition requests may be made by all United Nations member states, COPUOS observers, partners, private sector and non-governmental entities following the presented application process.
  • Topics of the exhibition must be thematically relevant to UNISPACE+50, and each exhibitor is expected to comply with general United Nations rules and practices, and any Vienna International Centre related rules. 

Other important logistical information

  1. In the early phase, only one booth may be requested per request. Based on the overall interest, more booths may be requested later. Any such opportunity would be announced in due course.
  2. In case UNOOSA receives many more requests from exhibitors than the exhibit could possibly hold (over 42), the Office will work on additional exhibition possibilities and/or an overflow area. These possibilities could include additional exhibition areas or an opportunity to exhibit from 25.06 - 29.08.2018
  3. The exhibitors must keep the exhibit displayed for the full week.
  4. The requestor is required to provide UNOOSA with names of the persons staffing the exhibition latest by 30.04.2018 to grant them special ID cards from Security and Safety Service. However, these individuals will not be granted automatic access to the UNISPACE+50 sessions.
  5. All exhibitors are responsible for the transportation, mounting and dismounting of their exhibits. Transportation of exhibition materials to/from the VIC facilities must be done by the exhibitors. All exhibitors are responsible for mounting their exhibits and booths other than the standard set-up provided through the Stand-out company. Please note that the VIC does not have storage facilities available for exhibitors' use.
  6. All exhibitors are responsible and liable for their exhibits including all necessary insurances for the exhibits. UNOOSA does not take any liability for extra costs, losses or damages.
  7. Set-up of the exhibit will be done by exhibitors on Sunday 17.06.2018 and must be completed between 09:00am and 17:00pm. Overtime for VIC Security and Safety Services has already been factored in the general costs for the exhibit.
  8. In case you need additional equipment or furniture and for special requests for the set-up of the booths the exhibitor will receive an information document incl. contact details to coordinate any additional requests after the final selection. Any additional costs must be covered by the exhibitor.
  9. UNOOSA will not be responsible for any engagement with the Austrian authorities for customs and cannot provide any support to facilitate the local customs process. Any questions regarding customs must be handled through the exhibitors' Permanent Missions directly.


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