United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs

Notifications by Member States of Safety Assessments carried out for Nuclear-powered space objects

In accordance with Principles Relevant to the Use of Nuclear Power Sources in Outer Space (resolution 47/68 of 14 December 1992), Member States inform the Secretary-General regarding safety assessments carried out prior to launch of nuclear-powered space objects. This information is distributed to Member States as a UN document in all official languages.

The following notifications have been received by the United Nations since 1996.

Year Notifying State Space Object Type of NPS Document
2011 United States of America Mars Science Laboratory Radioisotope thermoelectric generator A/AC.105/1012
2005 United States of America New Horizons Radioisotope thermoelectric generator A/AC.105/864
1997 United States of America Cassini/Huygens Radioisotope thermoelectric generator A/AC.105/677
1996 Russian Federation Mars 96 Radioisotope thermoelectric generator A/AC.105/647
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