United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs

Legal Subcommittee: 2006
Forty-fifth session
(3-13 April 2006)


Space Law Symposium ‏ 2006: Legal Aspects of Disaster Management and the Contribution of the Law of Outer Space
Monday, 3 April 2006

Online Presentations



  Chairman: Peter Jankowitsch
  The Disasters Charter: introduction, initial issues and experiences
Joanne Gabrynowicz,
Director, National Remote Sensing and Space Law Center, University of Mississippi School of Law, United States of America
Powerpoint Presentation
The challenges of access to Earth observation data for disaster management
Ray Harris,
Department of Geography, University College London, United Kingdom
Powerpoint Presentation
Legal aspects of disaster management: European efforts including GMES
Sergio Marchisio,
Director, Institute for International Legal Studies, National Research Council, Italy
PDF file
Legal and policy aspects of disaster management support from space in Asia
Masami Onoda,
Kyoto University, Japan
Powerpoint Presentation

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