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Basic Space Technology Initiative - Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities in Aerospace Engineering and Small Satellite Development

In the framework of the Basic Space Technology Initiative (BSTI) of the United Nations Programme on Space Applications, the Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), between April and July 2010, has conducted a comprehensive survey of world-wide academic programmes in aerospace engineering and small satellite development. Approximately 250 academic institutions from more than 40 countries were contacted to compile a list of educational opportunities as a resource for Member States as well as for prospective students - particularly those from developing countries and emerging space nations - to identify suitable programmes. Replies have been received from 43 academic institutions in 18 countries with information on their areas of specialization, details on the programmes they are offering, the admission requirements and scholarships available for international students, along with contact details where further information may be obtained. The publication including the results of the survey is now available for download:


We appreciate your comments and feedback on this publication. UNOOSA will consider updating this document in 2011. If you wish to submit new or updated information on your institution's programmes please complete the following online survey form or complete and return the survey form in .doc format by email to Mr. Werner Balogh (werner.balogh(at)unoosa.org).

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