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United Nations Programme on Space Applications Activities Schedule: 2013

Title Date and place Objective
UN/Pakistan International Workshop on Integrated Use of Space Technology for Food and Water Security 11-15 March 2013

Islamabad, Pakistan
The workshop will address space technologies, applications, information and services that contribute into sustainable economic and social development programmes supporting agricultural and water security, primarily in developing countries.
UN/Croatia Workshop on the Applications of GNSS 20-25 April 2013

Baska, Croatia
To update on-going activities related to the use of GNSS technology and to develop a regional plan of action that would contribute to the wider use of GNSS technology and its applications, including the possibility of one or more national or regional pilot projects, or both, in which interested institutions could incorporate the use of GNSS technology.
UN/Indonesia Workshop on Climate Change 2-4 September 2013

Jakarta, Indonesia
To bring together experts from the space and the climate change community as well as decision makers to discuss methods to use space-based applications to support the identification and implementation of adaptation measures, as well as to share experiences and lessons learned on the use of such applications in the context of mitigation.
UN/China Workshop on Human Space Technology 16-20 September 2013

Beijing, China
To exchange information on achievements in human space program, promote international cooperation on human space exploration related activities, create awareness of the benefits of human space technology and its applications, and build capacity in micro-gravity science research and education as well as discuss how to further facilitate Human Space Technology Initiative (HSTI).
UN/Austria Symposium on Space Weather Data, Instruments and Models: Looking Beyond the ISWI 16-18 September 2013

Graz, Austria
This year's Symposium will continue covering the Space Weather domain by addressing the global instrument network and related data collections as well as data modeling efforts. It will pave the way for the continuation of the International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI) and for the discussions under the new agenda item on space weather at the forthcoming session of the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee of COPUOS in February 2014.
UN/International Astronautical Federation Workshop on Space Technology for Economic Development 20-22 September 2013

Beijing, China
To exchange experiences in space science and technology applications and discuss opportunities for increasing regional and international cooperation among developing countries and between developed and developing countries. Technical sessions of the workshop will discuss the following application areas of space technologies: i) Disaster management, and ii) Agriculture and land use.
UN/United Arab Emirates Symposium on Basic Space Technology 20-23 October 2013

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
To discuss opportunities, challenges and means of capacity-building and international cooperation in space technology development, in particular as related to small satellite activities.
UN/Belarus Workshop on Space Technology Applications for Socio-Economic Benefits 11-15 November 2013

Minsk, Belarus
To discuss how the use of space technology could benefit various areas, such as aviation, maritime and land transportation, urbanization, mapping and surveying, human health, disaster management, environmental monitoring and natural resource management, in order to increase awareness of the socioeconomic benefits of space technology applications at the national, regional and international levels.

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