United Nations/Japan Long-term Fellowship Programme
2016 Post-graduate study on Nano-Satellite Technologies

Call for applications

UNOOSA has officially opened the application procedure for students from developing countries and non-space-faring nations to apply for a long-term Fellowship Programme on Nano-Satellite Technologies, in cooperation the Government of Japan.

Nano-satellites are low-cost satellites using accessible, off-the shelf technology and are becoming increasingly more capable in performing application and science missions. The Fellowship Progamme has been established to promote indigenous space engineering and scientific capabilities within developing countries and non-space-faring nations.

The Fellowship Programme will provide extensive research opportunities for the development of nano-satellite systems through the use of the nano-satellite development and testing facilities available at the Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech). From among the qualified applicants up to two students will be chosen for the Masters course (2 years duration) and up to four students for the Doctorate course (3 years duration). Selected candidates will each receive a grant to cover programme tuition and cost of living.

UNOOSA's Fellowship Programme aims to make space technology education more accessible to people from developing nations and non-space-faring nations. In the previous round, students from Bangladesh, Costa Rica, Egypt, Mexico, Mongolia and Turkey successfully started their fellowship program in 2015.

Applications for the Fellowship Programme will be accepted until 24 January 2016.

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