A UNOOSA photography competition in cooperation with NASA and astronaut Scott Kelly to highlight the role of space for sustainable development.

So far UNOOSA has received a huge number of very creative and original entries from all around the world for its #whyspacematters competition. The caliber of entries has been incredibly high and selecting the monthly winner has been a difficult task! The submitted photos have drawn attention to the broad spectrum of benefits that space technology can offer us in our everyday lives - everything from monitoring coral reef in order to help preserve coastline, to Global Satellite Navigation Systems (GNSS) that allow us to navigate safely and effectively.

We highly recommend viewing the entries as they are fantastic! Those that have been selected as winners for the competition can be found here under the 'contest winners' tab. Notable entries that came close to winning can also be found here. And of course, see more on our instagram page. Thank you to all those that entered we have really enjoyed viewing your submissions and hearing about #whyspacematters to you. If you want another chance to be announced as winner by NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, send us your photo and tell us how it relates to space. The next winner will be announced on 15 th September.

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