Inter-Agency Meeting on Outer Space Activities: 2012, Thirty-second session

(7 - 9 March 2012)

The thirty-second session of the Inter-Agency Meeting on Outer Space Activities was held at offices of the World Food Programme in Rome, Italy from 7 - 9 March 2012.


A/AC.105/1014 & 1015


Background references documents

A/AC.105/991 & 992


Session poster:  IAM 2012 Poster


Open Informal Session: "Space for Agriculture and Food Security"

Draft Agenda

Online presentations

World Food Programme: Applications of Remote Sensing to Food Security Analysis at WFP

Food and Agriculture Organization: Remote Sensing application for agricultural monitoring

World Food Programme: Space information for enhanced risk management, food security and resilience

European Commission Joint Research Centre: Crop Monitoring and Food Security: the JRC action and prospect

e-Geos: Geospatial information Services, Optical and CosmoSkyMed satellite data supporting food quality and security

Agenzia per le Erogazioni in Agricultura: The multisource Remote Sensing activity for the agricultural monitoring and the EU CAP subsidy controls in Italy

GSAT: Agriculture change assessment in Yemen and Somalia

European Space Agency: ESA Satellite Data for Agriculture

Agenzia Spaziale Italiana: Space for agriculture monitoring


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IAM 2012 CRPs



General Assembly Resolutions

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