Inter-Agency Meeting on Outer Space Activities: 2016, Thirty-sixth session

United Nations Headquarters in New York, 3 March 2016



This session was organized by the Office for Outer Space Affairs (OOSA) and hosted in coordination with the Office for Disarmament Affairs (ODA). The meeting was held in the United Nations Secretariat building, with tele and video conferencing links provided to support remote access for United Nations entities overseas.

The UN-Space special report on the implementation of the report of the Group of Governmental Experts on Transparency and Confidence-building Measures in Outer Space Activities as pertaining to the United Nations system, and the report of the Secretary-General on the coordination of space-related activities within the United Nations system for the period 2016-2017, both to be submitted to the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space in June 2016, were the focus of this session.


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