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Education Opportunities in Space Law: A Directory

The increasing number of States involved in space activities has emphasized the need for effective laws and policies on space activities, not just on an international level but also on the national level. The successful operation of space law, policies and institutions in a country relies on the presence of suitable professionals. Institutions that address the subject of space law and policy play an important role in promoting national expertise and capacity in this field.

In response to the recommendation of the Legal Subcommittee of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space at its forty-second session, in 2003, the Office for Outer Space Affairs invited a number of institutions to provide the Office with information on their programmes relating to space law. The directory of education opportunities in space law has been compiled based on the information received from those institutions.

The directory contains information on the respective institutions' areas of specialization, the educational programmes offered, the facilities available, the prerequisite qualifications, financial information, fellowship opportunities and opportunities for international cooperation. Addresses and contact points for further information have also been included.

The list of countries and institutions contained in the directory is not exhaustive. The Office welcomes additional and/or updated information from Member States and education institutions teaching space law or space law related subjects.

Additional submissions or updated information, should be sent in this MSWord form to the following address:

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Education Opportunities in Space Law: A Directory: (updated for 2014)

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