Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space: 2007

Fiftieth session (6-15 June 2007)

Symposium on Space and Water 


Title/Presenter Presentations
Opening Remarks by the Moderator
Mr. L. Beckel, European Academy of Sciences and Arts
Powerpoint Presentation
Space-based Data and Inter-jurisdictional Water Resources Management
H.E. Mr. Walther Lichem (Austria)
MSWord Document
Space and Water for Life
Ms. Yolanda Berenguer (Earth Observation Section, UNESCO)
Powerpoint Presentation
Advances in Systemic Observations of Surface Water and Marine Environment in Africa
Mr. A. Belward (European Commission)
Powerpoint Presentation
Role of Space-based Systems for Water Resources Management
Mr. R. Radhakrishnan (India)
Powerpoint Presentation
Latin American Perspective on the Use of Space Technology for Water Resources Management
H.E. Mr. Ciro Arevalo Yepes (Colombia)
Powerpoint Presentation
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