UN/Austria/ESA Symposium on Space Applications for Sustainable Development to Support the Plan of Implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development
"Water for the World: Space Solutions for Water Management"

13-16 September 2004, Graz, Austria

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Online Presentations and Papers

Note: The views expressed in the presentations and papers below are those of the authors and do not reflect the policies or views of the United Nations or the Office for Outer Space Affairs. The presentations and papers are provided solely for informational purposes.

Monday, 13 September 2004
Opening session
Chairperson: W. Riedler (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
Keynote address Global Water Cycle
J. Aschbacher, Directorate of Earth Observation Programmes, European Space Agency (ESA)
Powerpoint Presentation
Remote Sensing and In-situ Terrestrial Water Cycle Observation Capabilities
Yu Tao, Institute of Remote Sensing Applications, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China), on behalf of the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS)
Powerpoint Presentation
  Press Conference  
Providing Critical Information in a Timely Manner to Decision-Makers
Chairperson: J. Ortner (International Space University)
  Satellite Communication in Support of Water Resource Management
O. Koudelka, Institute of Applied Systems, Joanneum Research
Powerpoint Presentation
  Remote Sensing of Critical Hydrological Parameters: Soil Moisture, Topography and Vegetation
K. Scipal, Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Technical University of Vienna (Austria)
Powerpoint Presentation
  Determining Soil Moisture and Land Cover to Assist in Flood Prediction and Early Warning
Cao Chunxiang, Institute of Remote Sensing Applications, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)
Powerpoint Presentation
  Surface and Ground Water Resources Monitoring and Management
S. Hughes, Water Research Division, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) (South Africa)
Powerpoint Presentation
Transboundary Water Management: Remote Sensing in Diplomacy
Chairperson: M. S. Adamu, Lake Chad Basin Commission
  Promoting Sustainable Use of Transboundary River Basins and Seas: Bridging Science and Society
D. Daler, Scientific Director, Global International Waters Assessment (GIWA), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Powerpoint Presentation
  Use of Space Technologies in Management of the River Danube
F. Serban, Romanian Space Agency (Romania)
Powerpoint Presentation
  Assessment of Dynamics of Lake Water Resources on Flat Territories in Central Asia Using Digital Satellite Information
L. Frank, Department of Control on Water Resources Use and Protection, State Committee for Nature Protection (Uzbekistan)
Powerpoint Presentation
  Jordan's Water Sector Challenges
M. Al-Zu'bi, Water and Environment Section, Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (Jordan)
Powerpoint Presentation
Tuesday, 14 September 2004
Water Resources Management in Africa
Chairperson: W. Lichem (Austria)
  ESA TIGER Initiative on Water Resources Management
J. Williams, European Space Agency (ESA)
Powerpoint Presentation
  Contributions of Integrating Microwave and Optical Remote Sensing Data to Watershed Characterization, Water Swelling Forecast and Flood Monitoring: the Experience of the UN/ESA Course Follow-up Programme in Africa in the TIGER context
M. Fea, EO Science and Applications Department, Directorate of Earth Observation Programmes (ESA)
Powerpoint Presentation
  Use of Remote Sensing for Wetlands Characterization, Flood Forecasting and Water Resources Monitoring in Nakambe Basin in Burkina Faso
A. Nonguierma, Centre Régional AGRHYMET (Niger)
Powerpoint Presentation
  Water management in the Lake Chad Basin
M. S. Adamu, Lake Chad Basin Commission
Powerpoint Presentation
  Problems of Space-Based Equipment on Integrated Water Resources Management of River Niger Basin
I. A. Olomoda, Water Resources Development Engineer, The Niger Basin Authority
MSWord Document
  Space Information for Water and Drought Risks Management for North Africa
A. Er-Raji, Royal Centre for Remote Sensing (CRTS) (Morocco)
Powerpoint Presentation
Protecting and Optimizing Water Resources
Chairperson: P. Saccon (Austria)
  Application of Remote Sensing Techniques for a Water Management Concept of the Compartment Karst Aquifer of Colombi-Fervida (Paraná, Brazil)
P. Saccon, Institute of Water Resources Management, Joanneum Research, Austria
Powerpoint Presentation
  Watershed Management Work in Karnataka
P. G. Diwakar, Regional Remote Sensing Service Centre, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), (India)
Powerpoint Presentation
  Mapping Priority Areas for Forest Cover Restoration to Support Public Policies for Water Resources Protection
C. A. Vettorazzi, University of São Paulo (Brazil)
Powerpoint Presentation
  The North-Western Sahara Aquifer System: Joint Management of a Transborder Basin
D. Latrech, Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS)
Powerpoint Presentation
  Applying a Hydrological Balance Model to Manage the Use of Surface and Ground Water Resources in Chile
C. Pattillo, CRP&SIG (Chile)
Powerpoint Presentations
  Surface and Groundwater Resources Monitoring and Management in Nigeria
C. M. Maduabuchi, Department of Hydrology and Hydrogeology, Federal Ministry of Water Resources (Nigeria)
Powerpoint Presentation
Working Group Session: development of a pilot project to strengthen capacity in water resources management with the use of space technologies
Chairperson: W. Lichem (Austria)
  Working Group Members List --
Wednesday, 15 September 2004
Special presentation
  Remote Sensing Applications to Regional Water Management
L. Beckel, Geospace GmbH (Austria)
Powerpoint Presentation
Water, Sanitation and Health
Chairperson: R. R. Shrestha (Nepal)
  Satellite Remote Sensing of Water Resources: Applications for Predicting and Monitoring Diseases
E. T. Engman, Goddard Space Flight Center, National Aeronatics and Space Administration (NASA) (United States of America)
Powerpoint Presentation
  Water, Sanitation and Health: Needs of Developing Countries
J. S. Hannes Buckle, Rand Water (South Africa)
Powerpoint Presentation
Pilot project on capacity-building in the use of space technologies for water resources management
Chairperson: M. Fea (European Space Agency)
Thursday, 16 September 2004
Conclusions and recommendations of the Symposium
Chairperson: S. Camacho (UN/OOSA)
  Report by the Chairperson of the session on "Providing Critical Information in a Timely Manner to Decision Makers" --
  Report by the Chairperson of the session on "Transboundary Water Management: Remote Sensing in Diplomacy" --
  Report by the Chairperson of the session on &qupot;Water Resources Management in Africa" --
  Report by the Chairperson of the session on "Protecting and Optimizing Water Resources" --
  Report by the Chairperson of the session on "Water, Sanitation and Health" --
  Report by the Working Group on the development of a pilot project --
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