UNISPACE+50 Background

Since 1968, the United Nations has held three conferences on the exploration and peaceful uses of outer space:

  • UNISPACE I, Vienna, 1968
  • UNISPACE II, Vienna, 1982
  • UNISPACE III, Vienna, 1999

UNISPACE+50 will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the first UNISPACE conference and take stock of the contributions to global space governance of the three UNISPACE conferences .

The Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) at its fifty-eight session in June 2015 endorsed a plan of work (A/AC.105/L.297) (see Resources) for UNISPACE+50 to be undertaken by the Office for Outer Space Affairs, the Committee, and the subsidiary bodies of the Committee.

Thematic Priorities

In order to guide preparatory work for UNISPACE+50, in June 2016 COPUOS identified and agreed on seven thematic priorities, as well as their objectives and mechanisms (A/71/20) (see Resources):

  1. Global partnership in space exploration and innovation
  2. Legal regime of outer space and global space governance: current and future perspectives
  3. Enhanced information exchange on space objects and events
  4. International framework for space weather services
  5. Strengthened space cooperation for global health
  6. International cooperation towards low-emission and resilient societies
  7. Capacity-building for the twenty-first century

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