Activities of the International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems: Promoting the Use of GNSS technologies   

ICG Expert Meeting on GNSS Systems and Services, 15 July 2008, Montreal, Canada

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Session 1: ICG Work Plan and Working Group Overviews
Chairperson: Mr. Caicong Wu, China
  WG C - Information Dissemination
Ms. Sharafat Gadimova, UNOOSA
  WG B - Enhancement of Performance of GNSS services
Mr. Appana Bhaskaranarayan, India
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  WG D - Monitoring and reference station networks
Mr. John Dow, International GNSS Service
  WG A - Compatibility & Interoperability
Mr. Sergey Revnivykh, Russian Federation and Mr. David Turner, United States of America
Session 2: Overview of Global Navigation Satellite Systems
Chairperson: Mr. Sergey Rybkin, Russian Federation
  China: Compass/BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (CNSS)
Mr. Chuang Shi, Wuhan University
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  European Community: Galileo and European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS)
Mr. Eero Ailio, Galileo and Directorate General Energy and Transport
  India: GPS and GEO Augmented Navigation System (GAGAN) and Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS)
Mr. Appana Bhaskaranarayan, Indian Space Research Organization
  Japan: Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) and MTSAT Satellite-based Augmentation System (MSAS)
Mr. Hideki Manabe, Japan Civil Aviation Bureau and Mr. Satoshi Kogure, Quazi-Zenith Satellite System Project Team
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  Russian Federation: Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) and Widearea System of Differential Corrections and Monitoring (SDCM)
Mr. Sergey Revnivykh, Federal Space Agency and Mr. Mark Schmulevich, Russian Institute of Space Device Engineering
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  United States: Global Positioning System (GPS) and Wide-area Augmentation System (WAAS)
Mr. Patrick Harrington, U.S. Air Force and Mr. Christopher Hegarty, MITRE Corporation
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Session 3: Compatibility and Interoperability at the User Equipment level
Chairpersons: Mr. Sergey Revnivykh, Russian Federation and Mr. David Turner, United States of America
  Aviation, Maritime and Public Transportation
Mr. Christopher Hegarty, MITRE Corporation
  Report on the Colloquium Scientific and Fundamental Aspects of the Galileo Programme
Mr. John Dow, European Space Agency and Mr. Janusz B. Zielinski, Naval University, Gdynia
  GNSS Multi-System User Equipment to be applied variously
Mr. Oleg Lopotko, Scientific Research Institute of Space Instrument Engineering
  PNDs, Automobile Navigation, Cellular communications (Mass Market)
Mr. Greg Turetzky, SiRF Technology, Inc.
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