United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs

Scientific and Technical Subcommittee: 2013
Fiftieth session
11-22 February 2013

IAF Symposium on "Overview of Studies and Concepts for Active Orbital Debris Removal"
Monday, 11 February 2013


The following presentations were made at the 2013 IAF Symposium.


US Active debris removal efforts
D. McKnight, USA
Powerpoint Presentation
Active Debris Removal activities in CNES
C. Bonnal, France
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Debris Related Activities- Japanese Case
T. Yasaka, Japan
Powerpoint Presentation
ISTC activities on Space Debris Problem
T. Ryshova, Russian Federation
Powerpoint Presentation
The German on Orbit Servicing Mission DEOS
A. Albu-Schaeffer, Germany
Powerpoint Presentation
Status of ADR developments at the Swiss Space Center
M. Richard, Switzerland
Powerpoint Presentation
The ESA Clean Space Initiative
L. Innocenti, ESA
Powerpoint Presentation
The Non-Technical Challenges of Active Debris Removal
B. Weeden, SWF
Powerpoint Presentation
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