Satellite Development Track Tools Component

This list is work in progress. The tools listed are not endorsed by UNOOSA and are provided only for information. The tools are maintained by third parties. Each user bears sole responsibility for their use and the use of their results.

Design Development and Risk Assessment Tools

  • CARA Analysis Tool Suit
    • Conjunction Consequence Assessment is an algorithm for determining the expected amount of debris production in case of collision
    • Monte Carlo from TCA is a method of determining the probability of collision
    • Single Covariance Max Pc is a method by which the maximum possible probability of collision could be determined for a close approach event for which only one object has position uncertainty information
    • Two-Dimension Pc is a method used to characterize and analyze close approach events and determine resultant probabilities of collision as a result of mitigation actions
  • DAS The Debris Assessment Software
  • DRAMA Debris Risk Assessment and Mitigation Analysis
  • MASTER Meteoroid and Space Debris Terrestrial Environment Reference
  • ORDEM Orbital Debris Engineering Model
  • RABBIT Risk Avoidance assist tool based on debris collision proBaBIliTy
  • Savi Satellite constellation visualizer and maker
  • GMAT Trajectory optimization and design system
  • Trajectory Browser A tool to find spacecraft trajectories to planets and small-bodies
  • GNU Octave Scientific programming language featuring powerful mathematics-oriented syntax with built-in 2D and 3D plotting and visualization tool
  • FreeCAD Computer-aided design software
  • LibreCAD 2D-focused Computer-aided design software
  • OpenSCAD Solid 3D Modelling-focused Computer-aided design softwar

Operations Tools

  • GNU Radio Signal processing tool to implement software-defined radios and signal-processing systems
  • gr-soapy A wrapper for GNU Radio
  • gr-satnogs Telecommunications solution, operating in UHF and S-band. Closely integrated with SatNOGS Network
  • gr-satellites A GNU Radio out-of-tree module encompassing a collection of telemetry decoders that supports many different Amateur satellites.
  • Qubik Pocketqube mission for LEOP satellite identification and tracking
  • LibreCube Software suite for space and earth exploration
  • Polaris Machine learning for exploring and analyzing telemetry data
  • PW-Sat2 Example of an On Board Computer (OBC)
  • LAR-18740-1 Low Fidelity Space Systems Analysis Tools-Solar Cell/Fuel Cell/Battery Sizing Tool
  • Open MCT A next-generation mission control framework for visualization of data on desktop and mobile devices
  • Gpredict Real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction application
  • Operational Simulator for Small Satellites A suite of tools to aid in areas such as software development, integration and test, mission operations and training, verification and validation, and software systems check-out
  • COSMOS Software that provides all the functionality needed to send commands to and receive data from one or more embedded systems
  • Core Flight System A generic flight software architecture framework used on flagship spacecraft, human spacecraft, cubesats, and Raspberry Pi

End of Life and Deorbiting Tools

  • ORIUNDO On-ground RIsk estimation for UNcontrolleD re-entries tOol

Common Tools

  • LibreOffice Free office suite
    • Writer - word processor
    • Calc - spreadsheet
    • Impress - presentations
    • Base - database management
  • Ganttproject Project scheduling tool
  • GNUCash A double-entry bookkeeping system
  • Dia Mind mapping, chart, and diagram creation software
  • GIMP Raster graphics editor
  • Inkscape Vector graphics editor
  • KdenLIVE General purpose video editor
  • ffmpeg Multimedia decoder


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