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Introduction to the Space Economy

The space sector is a game-changer for society. While the total value of the space economy grows at a fasted rate than the global GPD, investments and innovation in this unique keep delivering a wealth of opportunities for sustainable development. Taking this course will empower you to:

① Broaden your horizons about one of the key sectors for our future
② Find commercial opportunities in and from space
③ Understand space sustainability powers sustainability on Earth
④ Become a space advocate

Learn more about one of the most exciting domains shaping the future of humanity on planet Earth and beyond!

Space Law and Policy

With the growing number of activities in outer space, States, industry, academia, and individuals are recognizing the importance of international and national space law and policy. This awareness is where UNOOSA's Space Law and New Space Actors project plays a pivotal role. It offers an invaluable opportunity for everyone to deepen their understanding of international space law through four interactive modules.

These modules cover the fundamental principles of international space law, and essential aspects of national space law, and provide guidance on space object registration and frequency management, serving as a gateway for anyone involved or interested in this dynamic field.

Long-term Sustainability of Outer Space Activities

Do you want to know more about the sustainability of space activities?

This 60-minute interactive course consists of 26 short lessons and is aimed at all levels. It addresses the essential role of space activities in today's interconnected world, the growing space sector and associated challenges.

By the end of the course, you will understand the main ideas contained in the preamble and 21 Guidelines for the Long-term Sustainability of Outer Space Activities. You will also have been linked with further reputable sources for reference and deeper study.

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