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Innovation and knowledge derived from space exploration and related activities support economic growth, deliver high returns on investment, generate new technologies and job creation. More countries and non-governmental entities than ever are interested in engaging in these activities. As global interest grows, awareness of and adherence to international space law becomes ever more important. In this regard,  UNOOSA is the UN entity responsible for the planning and implementation of activities aimed at building the capacity of Member States in space law and policy. We have been working with established and emerging space-faring nations on such activities since the Office was established by the UN General Assembly in 1958.

The Space Law for New Space Actors project assists, on request, UN Member States to draft or revise their national space law and/or policy to be in line with the international normative frameworks applicable to outer space activities. Through direct consultation with the recipient, activities are tailor-made to specific judicial, administrative, and technical requirements.   Furthermore, these services support recipients with implementing the existing normative frameworks. This contributes to raising global adherence to - and awareness of - the international and legal instruments applicable to outer space activities, for the benefit of established and emerging spacefaring nations alike.

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The project aims to allow UNOOSA to collaborate with Member States and to respond to requests for legal advisory services in a structured and sustainable manner. In this regard, since the launch of the project, the Office has received over 45 such requests from emerging space-faring nations. Thus, to establish this new approach and to make our work possible, UNOOSA is calling on interest parties to consider supporting such efforts through voluntary contributions.

Our Donors

The Space Law for New Space Actors project is a multi-donor project funded by voluntary contributions.

This project is made possible through the generous support of the following stakeholders:

  • The Government of Luxembourg - please see UNOOSA/Luxembourg   press release and  video for further details
  • The Government of Japan- please see UNOOSA/Japan   press release for further details
  • The Government of Chile
  • The Government of Belgium
  • The Government of France
  • The Government of Italy
  • Secure World Foundation
  • Kyushu Institute of Technology
  • Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization

The following stakeholders provide in-kind contribution to the project:

  • German Aerospace Center (DLR)

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Please address all email inquiries on the project to:  unoosa-spacelaw@un.org

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