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This page lists all information of relevance to students, including on the Regional Centres for Space Science and Technology Education, fellowships and internships within the Office.

Online learning

Studying online has become very popular in recent years as different platforms offer a wide range of resources and tools to help with your studies, boost career opportunities or simply broaden your horizons. UNOOSA, in cooperation with various partners, has launched a number of courses in different languages to help you learn about the space economy, space law and policy, and the long-term sustainability of space activities.
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Space law resources

Space law can be described as the body of law governing space-related activities. Space law, much like general international law, comprises a variety of international agreements, treaties, conventions, and United Nations General Assembly resolutions as well as rules and regulations of international organisations. On our website, you can find information on  Space Law including Treaties & Principles, General Assembly Resolutions, the Space Object Register, Capacity Building in space law, National Space Law Collection and the Legal Subcommittee.


Through its Programme on Space Applications, UNOOSA offers Fellowship Programmes for capacity building in educational institutes worldwide. These fellowships cover such topics as Nanosatellite Technologies and Microgravity. Current opportunities and further information can be found in the links provided.  The  Access to Space 4 All Initiative  also offers fellowships for researchers in areas such as microgravity .    

Regional Centres

UNOOSA's Programme on Space Applications works with local partners to establish Regional Centres for Space Science and Technology Education at existing research and higher education institutions all over the world. The centres develop the skills and knowledge of university educators and scientists through rigorous theory, research, applications, field exercises, and pilot projects in those aspects of space science and technology that can most contribute to sustainable development.


To ensure a common standard of teaching at the  Regional Centres for Space Science and Technology Education, education curricula have been developed in the major fields of space application and in space law.


In 2019, UNOOSA  launched the Space4Youth competition, which asked young people globally for their ideas on leveraging space for sustainable development. On the Space4Youth page, you can find all information about past editions of the competition, and information on how to apply to future editions.

The 4th edition of the competition on 'Space as a tool to accelerate change in sustainable water resources management, hydrology and the protection of aquatic ecosystems' is now ope n for abstract submissions. More details are available here.

Space4Youth and Space4Women stories

Young people starting their careers in the space sector  are invited to share their stories, experiences, and tips through our Space4Youth stories. You can find existing stories and submit your own here.

On our Space4Women website, we collect stories of inclusiveness in the space sector, focusing on gender parity, to inspire girls and women all over the world to contribute their talents to the space sector. You can reach out to submit your stories through the contact form.

UNOOSA Internships

UNOOSA offers internships on many different aspects of our work. We value the work of interns and look for the highest caliber of applicants whilst also providing space for their own personal interests and growth. Our offices in Vienna, Bonn, and Beijing regularly post job openings for internship opportunities in the United Nations recruitment system. See all vacancies here.

In particular, the Space for Persons with Disabilities internship is a unique opportunity for students with disabilities to build skills, expand their professional network and gain work experience through a customized work plan. Read more about the internship programme and support for applicants with disabilities throughout the application, interview, and internship stages here. Students are also welcome to join as online volunteers. Find out more here.



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