UNOOSA Partnerships with Industry and the Private Sector

Today, business is an essential partner in achieving the Organization's goals, marking a new chapter in United Nations business relations. Driving this cooperation is the recognition that although the end-goals of the United Nations and business are quite distinct, there are many critical common objectives - such as building markets, combating corruption, safeguarding the environment, increasing food security, and ensuring social inclusion.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development - a fundamentally important strategy for our common future - acknowledges that the implementation of sustainable development will depend on the active engagement of both the public and private sectors, and recognizes that the active participation of the private sector can contribute to the achievement of sustainable development.

In addressing the global problems and challenges, UNOOSA promotes the "Space2030" agenda, including one of its pillars - space economy, and it is representative of broad, cross-cutting and strategic areas in which space is seen as a main driver and contributor to overarching development goals and strengthened international cooperation, in particular for the benefit of developing countries.

Space economy constitutes the full range of activities and the use of resources that create and provide value and benefits to the world population in the course of exploring, understanding and utilizing space, and is aimed at addressing the economic benefits of the space sector and strengthening its role as a major driver for a dynamic economy, and in this regard in strengthening space-derived economic benefits.

UNOOSA sees the benefits of partnerships and contributions from industry and the private sector in promoting the benefits derived from space economy for effectively addressing challenges before humanity. In this regard, UNOOSA welcomes offers for partnerships, through which both the Office and representatives of industry and private sector would develop and strengthen strategic alliances aimed at effectively addressing those challenges for the benefit of all.

UNOOSA is responsible partner, and its work with industry and private sector is conducted strictly within the framework established for such activities by the General Assembly, the Secretary-General, the United Nations Global Compact, and good practices of the entities of the United Nations system. For learning about the strategy and policy of UNOOSA engagement with industry and the private sector, and their implementing guidelines, please refer to its Strategy and Policy on Partnerships with Industry and the Private Sector and Guidelines for Implementation.

Here you can find most important and useful resources which would be needed for you when considering a prospective offer to UNOOSA for a partnership:

The flow below shows the process to create a partnership with UNOOSA.

Process for external partnerships

The contents of the present page, including documents and references, will be regularly reviewed and updated by UNOOSA, when the practice and scope of its partnerships, as well as relevant developments in the United Nations, will require to do so.

For inquiries and proposals regarding partnerships with UNOOSA, please send a message to the Partnerships Focal Point. We will strive to reply within 5 business days.

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