Meeting logistics

Agendas, including indicative schedule of work are available here

The indicative schedule of work is a general guide to the dates and times when items will be addressed during the session. The consideration of all items may be advanced, extended or delayed, depending on the requirements of the members of the Committee and any organizational constraints faced in the course of the session.


As a general rule, statements should not exceed 10 minutes. Delegates wishing to make a statement are requested to sign-up with the UNOOSA Secretariat that maintains the List of speakers. Statements (15 copies) should be provided to the conference officers in Board Room D in advance of their delivery to facilitate the work of the interpreters. If delegations wish to disseminate copies of statements and other informal papers at least 90 copies should be provided for distribution.

Documents: In-session, conference room papers, journals

The documents, in-session documents and conference room papers, for the meetings are made available at the Documents Distribution Counter (pigeon holes) adjacent to the Board Room D as well as electronically. 

The daily Journal sets forth the daily programme and other information related to the conduct of the sessions.

Scientific and technical presentations

Should not exceed 15 minutes and should be closely linked to the agenda items of COPUOS and its Subcommittees. Their number is limited to a maximum of three presentations per meeting.

Making a presentation:

  • Member States and observers of COPUOS should communicate to UNOOSA Secretariat their wish to make scientific and technical presentations and under which item the presentation is to be made, in advance of the session, in order to optimize the plan of work of the session;
  • Speaking notes for scientific and technical presentations should be provided to facilitate simultaneous interpretation;
  • A list of presentations is made available to all delegations on the first day of the session and closed thereafter.
  • A list of technical presentations made during the sessions of COPUOS and its Subcommittees is found through our documents database.

Symposia, side-events & receptions, exhibitions

The sessions of COPUOS and its Subcommittees are accompanied by a variety of symposia, side-events and exhibitions, showcasing the benefits of space science and technology for the benefit of humanity.

Organizing an exhibit/side-event/reception

Member States and observers of COPUOS, wishing to organize an exhibition or a side-event, should inform UNOOSA well ahead of the sessions.

Exhibit guidelines

This information will be updated soon.

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