Open Informal Session

UN-Space organizes open informal sessions with the participation of Member States and other stakeholders to promote dialogue and demonstrate examples of how the United Nations system responds to the selected themes. The themes of the open informal sessions included

2023- 18th Open Session of UN-SPACE - Joint UN-Space/CEOS WGCapD-12

1-3 March 2023, Hybrid (Conference Room 2 (CR-2), Vienna International Centre / MS Teams).


2019 - 15th Open Session of UN-SPACE - an integral part of the United Nations/Austria World Space Forum entitled 'Access to Space4All'

11:30 - 13:00, 20 November 2019, Conference Room C-1, Vienna International Centre, Vienna, Austria

2014 - Engaging space tools for development on Earth - contribution of space technology and applications to the post-2015 development agenda

14 May 2014, United Nations Headquarters, New York

2013 - Space and disaster risk reduction: Planning for resilient human settlements

Tuesday 12 March 2013, Geneva

2012 - Space for Agriculture and Food Security

9 March 2012, Rome, Italy

2011 - Space and Climate Change

18 March 2011, Geneva, Switzerland

2010 - Space technology for Emergency Communications

12 March 2010, Geneva, Switzerland

2009 - Space-related activities of United Nations entities in Africa

6 March 2009, Vienna

2008 - Space for Public-private Partnerships and Innovative Funding Approaches in the United Nations System to Promote the Use of Space Technology and its Applications

18 January 2008, Geneva

2007 - The use of space-derived geospatial data for sustainable development in the United Nations system

19 January 2007, Vienna

2006 - Space technology for sustainable development and disaster management: opportunities within the United Nations system

20 January 2006, Paris

2005 - Space technology for disaster management: opportunities within the United Nations system

2 February 2005, Vienna

2004 - Education and training in space-related areas: challenges and opportunities in the UN system

23 january 2004, Geneva

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