Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space - Meeting Schedule for 2022

Meeting Date

Scientific and Technical Subcommittee, 59th session
( 58th session page )

7-18 February 2022

Legal Subcommittee, 61st session
( 60th session page )

28 March - 8 April 2022

Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, 65th session
( 64th session page )

1-10 June 2022


Working Groups for all sessions


Further information

Information for Member States

Information for Member States

For information on committee sessions, including documents, access to the VIC, logistics, dates and space law resources.

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Technical Presentations

Technical Presentations

Links to all technical presentations made by delegations during the current and past sessions can be found here. For details on how to make a technical presentation - see here.

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Digital Recordings

The simultaneous interpretation of proceedings is provided by the United Nations with the purpose of facilitating communication. To access all digital recordings of the current session, please click below.

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Documents Database

For acces to all documents of the session and the entire database under UNOOSA.

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