The International Asteroid Warning Network (IAWN) is a virtual network linking together the institutions performing functions such as discovering, monitoring and physically characterizing the potentially hazardous near-Earth object population and maintaining an internationally recognized clearing house for the receipt, acknowledgment and processing of all near-Earth object observations. It was established as a network that would also recommend criteria and thresholds for notification of an emerging impact threat and recommend strategies using well-defined communication plans and procedures to assist Governments in their response to predicted impact consequences.


There are currently more than thirty  official signatories to the IAWN Statement of Intent, representing observatories and space institutions globally. These participants bring to bear a variety of ground and space-based assets to detect and observe NEOs; as well as abilities in orbit computation, potential impact prediction and modeling of potential impact effects. The signatories to the Statement of Intent recognize the importance of collaborative data analysis and being adequately prepared for communications with a variety of audiences about NEOs, their close approaches, and impact risks.



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