Space Treaty Implementation

Under the five international treaties, five legal principles and related General Assembly resolutions that form the body of international space law, the Secretary-General of the United Nations has been requested by States to undertake a number of obligations that faciltate transparency in the conduct of outer space activities.

These obligations include the maintainence of a central register of objects launched into outer space as well as the dissemination of information relating to the recovery of space objects, launch and re-entry of nuclear powered satellites and other events relating to the use and exploration of outer space. Responsibilities for the implementation of these obligation have been delegated by the Secretary-General to the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs.

In addition to implementing the Secretary-General's treaty obligations, UNOOSA also provide technical advisory services to States and international intergovernmental organisation on issues relating to the implementation of their obligation under international space law. Upon, request, the Office also assists States in the development of their national space laws and regulations.

See below for recent documents relating to space objects and international space law. For more documents, search the Documents Database.


 Space Objects

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