Joint Panel

First and Fourth Committees of the General Assembly

"Possible Challenges to Space Security and Sustainability"

12 October 2017, New York, The United States of America


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Co-Chair's Summary


On 12 October 2017, a Joint panel discussion of the First and Fourth Committees on possible challenges to space security and sustainability was held in New York  in the 11 th meeting at its 72 nd session.


Keynote addresses

Director and Deputy to the High Representative for Disarmament Affairs

  Director of the Office for Outer Space Affairs  Keynote
Presentations by invited panellists

Ms. Charity Weeden, Satellite Industry Association

  Satellite industry interaction with Governments to support the

long term sustainability of space


Ms. Laura Grego, Union of Concerned Scientists

  Outer space security: identifying challenges and solutions

Ms. Daniela Genta, Airbus

Ms. Joanne Wheeler, Bird & Bird


  Technological innovation of space activities and private actors

cooperation in support to the broader outer space legal regime

Ms. Jessica West, Project Ploughshares


  A Fragmenting Regime? Prospects for the Future of Outer Space Governance


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