Access to Space for All and the benefits of space

Access to Space for All is key in raising awareness about what space technology can do for the Sustainable Development Goals. For each Access to Space for All hands-on opportunity, applicants are requested to provide information on how their activity will support the Sustainable Development Goals. To date, UNOOSA has received applications that span over the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Exmaples on how Access to Space for All supports the SDGs are:

  • SDG 4 "Quality Education: As Access to Space for all provides educational resources through its educational component.
  • SDG 8 "Decent Work and Economic Growth": Access to Space for All builds capacity for individuals to access jobs in the space industry or in other scientific, technological or engineering areas.
  • SDG 9 "Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure": Thanks to some of the hands-on opportunities of Access to Space for All, institutions can create facilities that remain available once the opportunity has been completed.

Access to Space for All Architecture

Access to Space for All is now a gradual learning path from component to component. The education component provides the theoretical foundation to participate in the hands-on component and use the tools under the tool component. The tools component will introduce how to use tools such as software, open platforms, systems etc. that are developed around the world, to efficiently and effectively utilize the hands-on opportunities. Both components are supporting the three tracks of Hands-on component.

The education, tools and hands-on component are structured to serve 3 different tracks with different goals. The hypergravity and microgravity track aims at building capacity for running experiments in outside the earth. The satellite development track aims at building capacity that enables the development, deployment and operations of satellites, while the space exploration track covers different aspects related to space exploration.




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