Past World Space Fora:

World Space Forum 2021

The United Nations/Austria World Space Forum 2020 focused on ''Space 4 Climate Action' to raise awareness of space activities and space tools for achieving the global agendas, present new space technologies that enable progress and drive cooperation and partnership in space and to bring space actors together to exchange best practices and explore ways to jointly address challenges to humanity and sustainable development issues

Report of the Workshop


World Space Forum 2020

The United Nations/United Arab Emirates Forum focused on 'Space for our Future' on maximizing the efforts in ensuring that the benefits of space are brought to everyone, everywhere.

The 2020 edition sought to facilitate the exchange of best practices and more inter-agency collaboration in support of the SDGs so that space assets, exploration and utilization finally become more universally used as one of the key tools for a better future.

Report of the Workshop


World Space Forum 2019

The United Nations/Austria World Space Forum 2019 focused on 'Access to Space4All' to leverage space technologies to their full potential to achieve sustainable economic and social development globally.

The 2019 edition provided an opportunity for representatives of the collective space community to address international cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space activities across the four pillars of UNISPACE+50 (space economy, space society, space accessibility and space diplomacy) and concluded with specific observations and recommendations which can be found in the report. These outcomes, inter alia, represent a valuable opportunity to elevate space as an important pillar of the global agenda.

Report of the Workshop


High Level Forums

Preceding the World Space Forum, three High Level Forums (HLFs) were organized to debate and collect recommendations that shaped and positioned space activities as drivers for innovation, socio-economic development and diplomacy for a sustainable future. Going forward the World Space Forum has replaced the High-Level Forum. The HLFs were organized annually from 2016 to 2018, with a preparatory meeting organized in 2015.

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