Performance Standards


Guidelines for Developing Global and Regional Navigation Satellite Systems Performance Standards v.2.0

This document outlines guidance for creating open service performance standards for Global and Regional Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS/RNSS). It was developed by the International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (ICG), Working Group S (Systems, Signals, and Services), Subgroup for Interoperability and Service Standards, Performance Standards team. It is intended to be used by ICG member service providers.

GNSS/RNSS Service Providers in the ICG have agreed each to provide a performance standard document describing the level of service of the GNSS/RNSS for its stage of operation. This service applies only to the signal in space and not to actual receiver, atmospheric, or local effects. The Standard will incorporate the parameters identified in this guidance document, although the document format, definitions, and textual content are at the discretion of the service provider.

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