Space Law : Capacity Building

Space-based technologies are instrumental in every country and on every continent as a crucial aspect of a country's infrastructure. With the increasing number of States involved in space activities, the need for effective laws and policies on space activities, not just on an international level but also on the national level, is becoming more and more apparent. One of the pillars that support the development of legal and policy frameworks at the national level is the availability of professionals able to provide services in that field.

Capacity-building, training and education in space law helps to promote international development and cooperation in space activities, and helps build national expertise and capacity in countries with emerging space capabilities. It also provides the means for a better understanding of the interdependent roles of science, technology and law in space activities.

The Office for Outer Space Affairs regularly organises workshops on space law in cooperation with member States, and maintains a directory of education opportunities in space law. The Office also maintains a collection of national space laws and regulatory frameworks and in 2014, the Office launched the Education Curriculum on Space Law that can be freely used as a teaching tool by educational institutions and training initiatives.

The 2023 edition of the Directory of Education Opportunities in Space Law is now available online.



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