Basic Space Technology Initiative (BSTI)

In reaction to recent progress in the operational use of space technology and its applications for sustainable development, and the widespread interest in establishing basic capacities in space technology development, particularly among universities and smaller institutions in developing countries, a new activity line in the framework of the United Nations Programme on Space Applications, the Basic Space Technology Initiative (BSTI), will support capacity building in basic space technology. Initially the activities will focus on small satellites and their applications in support of sustainable development. Other activities under consideration are related to space technology education, such as the development of an education curriculum for basic space technology or cooperation with educational institutions world-wide to identify relevant long-term fellowship opportunities.

BRITE-Austria nanosatellite (TU Graz)


The mission of BSTI is to enhance access to space application tools for sustainable development through building capacity in basic space technology.


  • Respond to the growing interest in many countries to establish indigenous capacities in basic space technology
  • Address the increasing role of small (nano-) satellites for education, basic space science and for operational applications
  • Assist countries to ensure adherence to the relevant regulatory frameworks and promote the use of standards
  • Promote international cooperation and information exchange in capacity building in basic space technology


  1. Basic Activities
  2. International Symposiums on Basic Space Technology Development The international symposiums are held in the regions that correspond to the United Nations Economic Commissions for Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Western Asia.
    The 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2017 symposiums were held in Japan, United Arab Emirates, Mexico and South Africa, respectively.
  3. Space Technology Education Curriculum
    • Basic Space Technology Education Directory based on a survey of Aerospace Engineering and Small Satellite Programme Development of a Space Technology Education Curriculum
  4. Establishment of Long-term Fellowship Programmes
    • United Nations/Japan Long-term Fellowship Programme on Nano-Satellite Technologies
  5. BSTI Projects
    • HUMSAT project and GEOID initiative
    • International Space University Space Studies Programme 2011 Team Project on Small Satellites
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