In September 2018, the UN Secretary-General launched an UN-wide 'Youth 2030' strategy to recognize, inter alia, young people's positive contributions as agents of change.

Space exploration is by nature a long-term, inter-generational pursuit. Involving youth in determining the future direction of space policy and exploration is essential to build a better future for humanity beyond the timeline of present leaders.

Through a variety of initiatives, including the Space4Youth Competition, opportunities for research fellowships or capacity building in space, and by giving a platform for young people worldwide to share their experiences and ideas for the sector, UNOOSA helps increase the participation of young people to space science, exploration and sustainable development.

*Winners of the 2020 and 2021 Space4Youth competition during their Space Camp in the U.S.


 -> October 2022, Vienna <-

UNOOSA and SGAC launched the 4th Space4Youth Competition!

We want to hear from you about how space science, technology and its applications can support sustainable water resources management, hydrology and the protection of aquatic ecosystems.

Thanks to the generous contribution of the U.S. Permanent Mission to the International Organizations in Vienna, the authors of the best essays will have the opportunity to attend an Adult Space Camp at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, and meet with representatives of the U.S. space sector!

More information on how to apply here!


September 2021, Vienna

UNOOSA will host a virtual event at the Youth Climate Summit/PreCOP26 on 29 September (15:00 CEST)

The event will bring together the winners of UNOOSA/SGAC Space4Youth Essay Competition and aims at promoting exchange of ideas between young people and experts on climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

Register here!


  • Simonetta di Pippo, UNOOSA Director
  • Allison Leidner, NASA 
  • Mahlak Abdullah,  Space4Youth Competition Winner
  • Karina Berbert  Bruno,  Space4Youth Competition Winner
  • Beth Greenaway, UK Space Agency
  • Tejasvi Shivakumar, Space4Youth Competition Winner
  • Expert TBC
  • Q&A

The event is part of the All4Climate Programme hosted by Italy as co-host of PreCOP26.

May 2021, Vienna

UNOOSA and SGAC will announce the winners of the Space4Youth Competition on 3 June 2021 at 15:00 CEST. 

Speakers include: ​

  • Simonetta di  Pippo - Director, UNOOSA ​
  • Davide Petrillo - Executive Director, SGAC ​
  • Louis Bono - Chargé  d'Affaires, U.S. Permanent Mission to International Organizations in Vienna 
  • Graham  Turnock - CEO, UK Space Agency ​

Register here to attend! We look forward to your participation! 

March 2021, Vienna

UNOOSA and SGAC launched the Space4Youth Competition! Interested? Apply and become the next Space4Youth Competition Winner!

We want to hear from you about how space science, technology and its applications can foster actions and commitments for climate mitigation and adaptation.

Thanks to the generous contribution of the U.S. Permanent Mission to the International Organizations in Vienna, winners will attend the Adult Space Camp at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. On top of this, the UK Space Agency will organize an event with UK and US experts to provide feedback to the winners on their essays.

More information on how to apply here!

15 January 2021, Vienna

Our Space4Youth Winner Satrio Wicaksono joined the Youth4Climate Live Series ''Driving Adaptation and Resilience' on 22 January 2021, 16:30 CET. Satrio explained how space-based data and youth protect forests in his country, Indonesia. Speakers included ESA Astronaut Jean Francois Clervoy, one of the mentors of the Space4Youth 2019 Winners!


6 October 2020, Vienna

To celebrate World Space Week, UNOOSA held the webinar " Voices of global youth on leveraging satellites for better lives: the winners of the UNOOSA/SGAC Space4Youth Competition" on Monday 5 October. The webinar featured ideas from young people all over the world, the winners of our 2019 and 2020 Space4Youth competition, on how to leverage space applications for sustainable development. We also had SGAC and the U.S. Mission to the International Organizations in Vienna as guests on our event. While the 2020 winners presented their essays, our 2019 winners gave us an update on their projects and told us how the Space4Youth Competition was a great experience for their personal and professional growth! 

It was a fantastic moment to gather our winners together! Watch the webinar here!

From the top left Tsz Long So (2020 Space4Youth Competition winner), Veronica Cesco (UNOOSA), Ottavia Pesce (UNOOSA), Courtney Mazzone (U.S. Permanent Mission to the International Organizations in Vienna), Satrio Wicaksono (2020 Space4Youth Competition winner), George Profitiliotis (2019 Space4Youth Competition winner), Arthur Demain ( (2019 Space4Youth Competition winner), Matteo Cappella (SGAC), Hazuki Mori (UNOOSA).


9 September 2020, Vienna

The 2020 Space4Youth Competition winners were announced! Check here who they are and read their essays!

On 8 September, UNOOSA, in collaboration with the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), hosted a webinar to announce the winners of the Space4Youth Competition! Thanks to the support of the U.S. Mission to the International Organizations in Vienna, the winners will attend an adult space camp in the U.S.. Five additional participants received a special mention for their excellent work! It was an exciting event to showcase the results of the competition that had 400 young people from 70 countries participate, with each of the 3 winners presenting their outstanding ideas and examples from their community to leverage space for Sustainable Goal 13: Climate Action. 

Watch  here the webinar and listen to UNOOSA, SGAC and U.S. Permanent Mission representatives, but most of all to the presentations of the winners!  A huge thanks to all participants for the inspirational work!


12 August 2020, Vienna

Happy International Youth Day! 

On 12 August, UNOOSA and other UN Vienna-based organizations celebrated Youth Day and organized a webinar on Youth Engagement for Global Action.

The  webinar includes remarks by Directors and representatives of these UN Organizations and  showcases successful projects focused on youth empowerment and engagement. The webinar also highlights the voices of younger people working at the Vienna International Centre, their engagement, flagship initiatives, and some information and tips to enter the UN system. Here's the webinar recording!




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