The Promoting Space Sustainability Project 

Awareness-raising and capacity building related to the implementation of the LTS Guidelines.


Update! The Promoting Space Sustainability Project has moved to a new website. Please visit where you can find more information and news on the Project activities along with an updated and searchable case study collection. For questions and inquiries, please contact: oosa[at] . 

Introducing the Project

The Promoting Space Sustainability Project seeks to raise global awareness of the importance of space sustainability and to foster related capacity-building services for emerging space-faring nations.

The Project is delivered in the context of the landmark Guidelines for the Long-Term Sustainability Outer Space Activities of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space  (the LTS Guidelines), adopted by the Committee in 2019. The LTS Guidelines, welcomed with appreciation by the UN General Assembly in 2019, include a preamble and 21 voluntary guidelines that address; a) policy and regulatory framework; b) safety of space operations; c) international cooperation, capacity building and awareness; and d) scientific and technical research and development.

It is this context that the Promoting Space Sustainability Project would like to drive attention to the urgency of responsible and sustainable behaviour in outer space, and to recognize the impact of our activities today, to ensure our capabilities for tomorrow.  

Event Series

In its first phase, the Project convened a series of multi-stakeholder virtual events, facilitating peer-to-peer dialogue and an exchange of existing sustainable space activities mapped in the context of the areas covered by the LTS Guidelines. To find out more about our event series, please visit the  Project website.


The Promoting Space Sustainability Project is made possible with thanks to the generous support of the United Kingdom Space Agency.

Please see the UNOOSA/UKSA press release (26 January 2021) for further details.


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