Information Furnished in Conformity with General Assembly Resolution 1721 B (XVI) by States Launching Objects into Orbit or Beyond

Note verbale dated 31 August 2020 from the Permanent Mission of Luxembourg to the United Nations (Vienna) addressed to the Secretary-General

Registration information as of August 2020 for FM91 Lemur 2 Remy-Colton (international designator 2018-111J), FM92 Lemur 2 Gustavo (international designator 2018-111K), FM93 Lemur 2 Christinaholt (international designator 2018-111G), FM94 Lemur 2 Zo (international designator 2018-111L), FM95 Lemur 2 Tinykev (international designator 2018-111H), FM96 Lemur 2 Sarahbettyboo (international designator 2018-111N), FM97 Lemur 2 Nataliemurray (international designator 2018-111M), FM98 Lemur 2 Daisy-Harper (international designator 2018-111P), FM99 Lemur 2 Johanloran (international designator 2019-018G), FM100 Lemur 2 Beaudacious (international designator 2019-018H), FM101 Lemur 2 Elham (international designator 2019-018J), FM102 Lemur 2 Victor-Andrew (international designator 2019-018K) and updates for previously registered space objects


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