Kibo Robot Programming Challenge (Kibo-RPC) Rounds


updated on 9 May 2023 
The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) have agreed to join forces to expand the existing Kibo Robot Programming Challenge (Kibo-RPC) that JAXA has been conducting from 2020. The Kibo-RPC is a programme organized under the "Asian Beneficial Collaboration through Kibo Utlization" (Kibo-ABC) initiative of the Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF) organized by JAXA, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan, and space agency partners in the Asia-Pacific regions. 
The Kibo Robot Programming Challenge (Kibo-RPC) is an educational programme where students will obtain and test programming skills to solve various problems by moving free-flying robots (Astrobee and Int-Ball) in a simulation environment. Preliminary rounds will be held and the selected teams will run their programs on the free-flying robots in the final round at the Japanese Experiment Module (Kibo) aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Through this experience, students will learn the techniques and methods involved in programming and robotics, while boosting their interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) by moving actual robots on the ISS. Students will also learn about the importance of bridging the gap between simulation and reality. 
Up until the 3rd mission of Kibo-RPC, Kibo-RPC was only open to students in Asia-Pacific countries that are part of the Kibo-RPC participating countries and regions. However, by collaborating with UNOOSA, the 4th mission of Kibo-RPC  is open to teams from developing economies and economies in transition that are Member States of the United Nations. Students in developing economies and economies in transition that are NOT Kibo-RPC participating countries and regions can register using the UNOOSA international slot.  Please see the  JAXA Kibo-RPC 4th mission website and Guidebook for more information. Due to the large interest that is expected, for this first year, UNOOSA will limit the registration to 50 teams. In case there is a large number of registrations, UNOOSA reserves the right to close the registration before the deadline. 
Applications for the UNOOSA international slot for the 4th mission of Kibo-RPC will be accepted until 14 May 2023 (Sunday, 16:59 CEST). 

Application Process/Schedule/Detailed Mission for 4th mission of Kibo-RPC 

For the details of the 4th mission of Kibo-RPC, please see the  JAXA Kibo-RPC 4th mission website, read the Guidebook, and watch the Guidance movie.

Registration for UNOOSA international slot

Register from here.
The deadline for the registration is Sunday 14 May 2023 16:59 CEST. 
However, please note that registration and participation is only open to 50 teams. In case there is a large number of registrations, UNOOSA reserves the right to close the registration before the deadline.
If your registration is accepted, you will receive an email containing your log-in ID and password to enable you to access JAXA's web-based simulator and the participants' page on the Kibo-RPC site. Please allow three (3) business days for your registration to be completed.
The UNOOSA international slot follows the team formation rules set in the Guidebook. Adding to those rules, for the UNOOSA international slot, both the maximum and minimum number of team members is 3 (not including the representative/guardian). 

Eligibility for UNOOSA international slot

The UNOOSA international slot is only open to students in developing economies and economies in transition that are NOT Kibo-RPC participating countries and regions.
To assess eligibility, OOSA will use the country classification list of developing economies and economies in transition indicated in the joint report,  World Economic and Situation Prospects 2023 published by United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs and other related organizations. 

Preliminary Round for UNOOSA international slot

In addition to the submission of the Android Package Kit (APK) through the web-based simulator, the UNOOSA international slot will require the submission of a PowerPoint presentation (1 title slide + content maximum 5 slides) which they explain the following; 

  • Why they decided to join the challenge
  • What benefits do they see in conducting space and robot technology-related activities
  • What kind of efforts are done in their country/region to promote STEM education and especially space-related activities
  • How will you promote this opportunity effectively within the country/region

The deadline for the APK and PowerPoint presentation is Sunday  25 June 2023 16:59 CEST. 
The PowerPoint presentation is to be submitted by email. The email address will be communicated to teams who have completed their registration.  
The results of the Preliminary Round will be announced by Friday 7 July 2023. 

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