Centre for Basic Space Science, National Space Research and Development Agency, Nigeria

Group photo of CBSS Credit: Chukwujekwu

"Space Science research entails observing the Earth from Space as well as observing the Space from the Earth. Over the years, the Nigerian government has invested a lot in satellite technology (Earth observation satellite and Communication satellite) through the National Space Research and Development Agency with the only moderate investment made on research facilities (Telescopes) needed for the observation of space from the Earth. The opportunity provided for us by this initiative is limitless and unprecedented in our quest to contribute meaningfully to the global effort aimed at studying near-Earth objects (NEOs) extensively. Joyfully, we look forward to making a great impact globally as well as seeing a great spike in the overall interest of Nigerians in Astronomy/Astrophysical research and STEM in general." Dr. Chukwujekwu Nworah Ofodum, project coordinator.



Mission e-patches awarded to Centre for Basic Space Science

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The project entails installing a 20-centimetre optical telescope and building the capacity of Nigerian scientists and engineers on routine data acquisition, data reduction and analysis as well as equipment maintenance. This new optical telescope will aim at detection, tracking and characterization of space objects. Specifically, the project is expected to address the current gaps in sky coverage by imaging the entire night sky regularly in search of asteroids, comets, anthropogenic space objects as well as optical transients.

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