University of San Carlos and Holy Name University, Philippines

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"We are very grateful to the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and to the European Space Agency, for this opportunity to perform our experiment, HG-CELLS. We believe that the results of our experiment will contribute to the advancement of the field and my team is also quite delighted to be part of this endeavor. This fellowship will not only give my team an experience of a life time, it will also elevate our research to a higher level. The design of our intended experiment is based on the collaborative effort of our institutions, that highlights a direction for developing functional materials, from our marine resources, while using appropriately chosen technologies, that are inherently inter-disciplinary. This impacts the way we will do research from now on. We hope to inspire many young minds in our community, recruit more students to continue being curious, and find more partners in industry, to continue developing relevant technologies, using our very own rich resources.", said Rommel G. Bacabac, PhD, team leader of the joint team from the  University of San Carlos and Holy Name University.


Mission e-patches awarded to University of San Carlos.

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Our project delves into the effects of increased simulated gravitation on the osteoblastic differentiation of MC3T3-E1 cells on 3D-printed carrageenan-based scaffolds for bone tissue engineering. We've developed novel biomaterials composed of kappa and iota carrageenan with calcium phosphate, to utilize our local marine resources for sustainable applications. Our study involves subjecting pre-osteoblasts to varying hypergravity levels. By correlating potentially related parameters, we aim to enhance our understanding of biomimetic tissue design and advance engineering of artificial bone. In addition, the experience would provide the appropriate perspective for finding collaborative approaches to address gaps in the associated technological and economic endeavors, between our home institutions and the European Union.

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