Legal Subcommittee: 2018

Fifty-seventh session (9 - 20 April 2018)

IISL/ECSL Symposium on "The 50th Anniversary of the Rescue and Return Agreement: Relevance and Challenges"

 Title/Presenter Presentation
The drafting and history of the Rescue and Return Agreement 
Elina Morozova, Intersputnik
Powerpoint Presentation
"Return to sender" - Fifty years of the Rescue Agreement and the role of the United Nations 
Niklas Hedman, UNOOSA
Powerpoint Presentation
The return of space objects: Legal annotations and practical experience 
Alexander Soucek, ESA 
Powerpoint Presentation
Perspectives on the concept of astronaut and private space flight 
Andrew Kuh, UK Space Agency
Powerpoint Presentation
Contemporary aspects of the Rescue Agreement turning 50 
Jose Monserrat Filho, Brazilian Association of Air and Space Law
Powerpoint Presentation
The future of ARRA and how to meet the challenges: The role of UN COPUOS Legal Subcommittee and UNISPACE+50 
Setsuko Aoki, Keio University Law School
Powerpoint Presentation
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