Legal Subcommittee: 2019

Fifty-eighth session (1 - 12 April 2019)

IISL/ECSL Space Law Symposium ‏ 2019 "The Moon Agreement Revisited: The Road Ahead"

 Title/Presenter Presentation
Space activities and celestial bodies: current scientific and legal perspectives 
Guoyu Wang, Beijing Institute of Technology
Powerpoint Presentation
Study of the drafting history of the Moon Agreement 
Irmgard Marboe, University of Vienna
Powerpoint Presentation
Contribution of the deep seabed mining legal regime to space resource activities 
Armel Kerrest, University of Brest 
Powerpoint Presentation
Comparative assessment of the Antarctica treaty system: non-militarization and
environmental protection 

Olavo Bittencourt, Catholic University of Santos:
Powerpoint Presentation
Challenges for the implementation of the Moon Agreement 
Michelle Hanlon, University of Mississippi
Powerpoint Presentation
The legacy of the Moon Agreement, revisited 
Steven Freeland, Western Sydney University
Powerpoint Presentation
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